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CRM Hack: Hitting the Mark with Realtime Data

How to leverage realtime data to maximize revenue

One of CRM’s golden rules is finding the right balance between realtime data – also known as “fast data” – and slow data to maximize revenue.

Combining the two in your CRM marketing efforts can perfect a customer’s experience by immediately responding to both good and bad events that they go through, with the much-needed historical context.

Offering customers an immediate response and showing them that you’re there for them – allows engagement to occur between the customer and your brand immediately.

Want to learn more? Watch the 3-minute video or read the transcript just below it:

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Realtime (Fast) Data

At Optimove, Realtime (Fast) Data is defined as customer actions received in short timeframes as batches of events. Examples include clicks, page views, balance drops, and many other external events.

Optimove’s System Architecture

Realtime events trigger campaigns that are sent immediately through predefined channels. Events can be sent via Optimal, SMS, email, and all configured channels.

Once the campaign is sent, the marketer receives the campaign metrics and can go ahead and analyze the campaign’s performance to decide whether to continue the triggered campaign or add others.

The Journey of a Customer

Here’s a 3-Day example of why realtime data is crucial for your campaign success:

Day 1 – the customer registers. One of the realtime events that we track is registration – therefore, we will send a welcome email.

Day 2 – the customer has a bad experience. With realtime data – such as Low Balance and Withdrawal Start in Gaming or cart abandonment in Retail – we know that they are a newly registered customer at risk of churn. So, we can target the customer with a promotion that excites and entices them to continue their experience with our brand.

Day 3 – hopefully, the customer has become active by now due to the promotion we sent on Day 2. With realtime data such as Page Levels and Bet Selection, we know how to continue treating this customer to the appropriate CRM campaigns suitable to their exact customer journey.

This is but one example that emphasizes the impact of combing realtime data in your CRM strategy.

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