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CRM Hack: Monitoring the User’s Heartbeat

Watch: How to build a monthly marketing plan for your active customer base

To know how you should communicate with your most valuable customers, first, you must identify them. We’ll tell you right off the bat; they should be the ones in your Active Customer segment.

Once you properly segment your most loyal and engaged customers into the Active Customer segment, you’ll need to retain them by using the right CRM campaigns in your active marketing plan.

A great way to do this? Use a method we like to call: Monitoring the User’s Heartbeat.

Watch what it’s all about in the video below or read the transcript just under it.

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From the video:

Who are your active customers, and how do you segment them?

Active customers are your most loyal customers as they spend the most on your product and are most engaged/familiar with your brand. Therefore, they have the highest future value.

Monitor Their Heartbeat Method:

To retain them, you need always to make sure they remain active by finding opportunities to increase their engagement with your product. There are three main actions you need to take to increase their value proactively.

The 3 campaign types we recommend you include in your Active Marketing plan:

#1 – Increase Activity

Create gamified campaigns or a series of campaigns that create stickiness. Implementing this technique in your marketing plan can boost growth, engagement, and revenue.

#2 – Dropping Activity

Compare recent activity to the customer’s activity history. For example, if a customer purchased in lower amounts this week compared to the previous three weeks – this is considered a drop in activity. It needs to be detected immediately and addressed with proper comms.

#3 – Encouraging Activity

To retain customers and make them more active/engaged, find the activities that lead to stickiness with your brand, and promote them.

For example, you can create a campaign according to the device type that pushes them to use different devices:

  • Pay on mobile
  • Purchase on app
  • Purchase multiple categories
  • Play multiple games
  • Build watch lists
  • Share content on social

Then, promote these behaviors to those who don’t take part in such activities on a regular basis.

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