Frequently Asked Questions

Optimove is a Relationship Marketing Hub powered by a combination of advanced customer modeling, predictive micro-segmentation and campaign automation technologies. Customer marketers and retention experts use Optimove to understand their customers’ needs and wants, create emotionally intelligent interactions with them across multiple channels, ultimately improving every customer metric.

Optimove’s technologies are rolled into an intuitive Web user interface, making it easy for marketers to excel at their craft. By automatically personalizing, executing and evaluating a complete system of customer-data-driven interactions, the software enables marketers to maximize revenues and customer lifetime value.

Optimove is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application delivered via the Web.

More than 350 brands in a variety of industries and verticals use Optimove to drive highly successful, data-driven customer marketing plans. These include leading global brands in Retail, Entertainment, Gaming, Financial Services, Apps and others. See Optimove’s customer portfolio and case studies on the Customers page.

Optimove was designed for use by marketers and retention experts at customer-centric businesses. While experienced analysts will appreciate the power and advanced functionality that Optimove offers, the software was designed primarily for business users.

The challenge with non-paying users (e.g., registered visitors, subscribers, free-trial customers), of course, is to communicate with them effectively (e.g., sending them a relevant/attractive offer or incentive) that will result in them converting to paying customers. Optimove combines the science of data and the art of marketing to help marketers deliver personalized, realtime, multi-channel customer interactions that are uniquely effective at converting non-paying users to paying customers. This same suite of technologies also enables marketers to maximize every metric across the customer lifecycle: customer engagement, loyalty and lifetime value.

Optimove helps marketers select the best marketing actions for each group of customers to maximize the transaction frequency and amount of money they spend. Optimove does this by helping marketers systematically optimize the match between customer micro-segment and marketing action. Part of this is predicting which marketing actions are most likely to “bump” regular customers into “big spender” customer groups. And because Optimove focuses on maximizing customer lifetime value, the software will avoid recommending actions for short-term gain at the expense of longer-term revenues.

A certain percentage of paying customers will always abandon your site or app, never to return. While Optimove can’t prevent this from occurring, the software can identify customers who are on their way out and then suggest the particular marketing actions with the greatest chances of preventing those customers from churning before it’s too late. Optimove can also suggest marketing actions earlier on in the customer lifecycle which will increase customer loyalty, extend their engagement with your business and reduce the chances that they will abandon you in the first place.

No. The software dynamically segments customers into micro-segments (personas) based on their behavior patterns, product preferences, responses to previous marketing communications, realtime activities/scenarios and demographics—not on any preconceived rules or assumptions. This segmentation process is ongoing, with a complete refresh generated daily.

Absolutely! Optimove’s predictive behavior modeling applies mathematical and statistical techniques to transactional, behavioral and demographic data in order to predict future customer behavior and value, including churn prediction, reactivation propensity, conversion likelihood and future value. Optimove maintains a sophisticated customer model, based on LTV forecasting and predictive micro-segmentation, that allows marketers to tailor their customer messaging and offers to individual customer personas. It also provides exciting new methods with which to explore the customer database, in order to find insights and opportunities marketers would not be able to find in any other way.

Optimove excels at dynamically segmenting customers into micro-segments based on their behavior, at tracking their movements between micro-segments over time and forecasting the future customer lifetime value of each customer. Based on this deep current analytical data, and success rate analysis of historical marketing actions, the software is able to predict which marketing actions will be most effective at “bumping” each individual customer persona to segments of higher value.

Optimove uses advanced algorithms developed from the domains of cluster analysis and decision theory. Every piece of available information with potential marketing value is incorporated into the segmentation process, within a hierarchical data structure, including lifecycle stages (e.g., new, active, risk of churn), behavior patterns, previous campaign response history, predicted lifetime value, predilection to churn, demographics and even realtime customer behavior.

Optimove’s customer LTV forecasting technology combines two technologies:

Continual dynamic micro-segmentation – intelligently and automatically segments the entire customer base into a hierarchical structure of ever-smaller behavioral-demographic segments. This segmentation is dynamic and updated continually based on changes in the data.

Predictive behavior modeling – this mathematically intensive modeling is based on the fact that the behavior patterns of individual customers frequently change.

By merging the most exacting micro-segmentation available anywhere with a deep understanding of how customers move from one micro-segment to another over time—including the ability to predict those moves before they occur—an unprecedented degree of accuracy in customer LTV forecasting is attainable.

Absolutely! Every customer marketing campaign can (and should!) be run as a marketing experiment. The Optimove software automatically separates out control groups and analyzes the performance of every campaign based on actual financial uplift measurements, allowing marketers to systematically and continuously optimize the effectiveness of every campaign. A/B/n and multi-variant campaigns are also supported, allowing marketers to test different campaigns against each other under identical conditions.

Absolutely! Optimove fully supports realtime delivery of relevant marketing actions to specific customers segments, based on particular customer actions or situations (“triggers”). The Holy Grail of personalized marketing is the ability to deliver highly segmented, behavior-triggered customer interactions at the exact moment they’re most effective. By combining specialized marketing treatments based on customer actions and the deep behavior-based segmentation provided by Optimove, marketers can expect to have far greater influence on consumer activity and spending patterns. Optimove provides a complete, end-to-end system for hyper-targeted, realtime customer marketing:

  • Powerful customer segmentation determines who is eligible for a particular realtime message
  • A system to define and instantly detect any combination of customer activities that will trigger a message
  • The ability to deliver the message via all relevant channels, such as Web/app pop-up, email, SMS and push notification
  • Accurate financial uplift measurement along with tools to systematically improve the effectiveness of every interaction

Absolutely! Optimove can run campaigns across a wide range of execution channels, whether separately or in tandem. Optimove supports campaign delivery via:

  • Email (via internal Optimail module or via integration with a third-party ESP)
  • SMS
  • Mobile push notification
  • Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Google Display Network
  • Website/app pop-up
  • In-platform messaging (e.g., lobby banner)
  • Offline (e.g., direct mail, call center)
  • Any other in-house or third-party service via integration with the Optimove API

Optimove contains out-of-the-box integrations with many popular systems, including:

  • Appboy
  • Appoxee
  • Bronto
  • Carma Marketing Hub
  • Emarsys
  • ExactTarget
  • Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Google Display Network
  • MailChimp
  • MMG
  • Mobivate
  • Oracle Responsys
  • Other Levels
  • Silverpop
  • SmartFocus
  • Textlocal
  • XtremePush

The rich Optimove API allows sophisticated integration with any other in-house or third-party channel. Additionally, the system can export CSV files for manual campaign implementation.

Optimove can access databases containing customer data using a number of methods:

  1. Connecting to the client’s database, using site-to-site VPN (e.g., IPsec, SSL VPN). With this method, Optimove will connect directly to the raw data and import it to Optimove’s database for transformation.
  2. Connecting to the client’s Web Services API and using the API’s standard methods to extract the required data.
  3. If the first two methods are unavailable, Optimove can receive exported data files (e.g., CSV, database dumps). The files can be made available for download on the client’s server, or they can be uploaded to an SFTP server provided by Optimove.

To ensure that every Optimove client is successful, Optimove provides a rich set of complementary supporting services. Optimove’s team of data scientists works closely with every new client to ensure a smooth and customized product launch. Their services include integrating the customer data, building the customer model based on the client’s particular customer data and business practices, customizing the Optimove interface for the client’s particular needs and supporting the client’s product launch.

At launch, each Optimove client is assigned a Customer Success Manager whose job it is to make sure that every user gets the most out of the software. The Customer Success Manager serves as each client’s primary point of contact, and provides training, guidance and ongoing customer support.

Yes! Optimove offers a complete set of professional services for clients who want even more assistance with their customer marketing automation journey. Optimove’s Strategic Services team can assist clients with customer-centric, data-driven marketing strategy and methodology, data science/analytics, customized reports/dashboards and bespoke software enhancements.

Combining cutting-edge marketing skills with high-end data science, Optimove’s Strategic Services team offers a full gamut of services, tailored to each client’s needs. From point campaigns to ongoing, full-service management, the team acts as an extension to the in-house marketing team, helping them meet and surpass their objectives. Download the Strategic Services brochure or contact Strategic Services to learn more.

A brief initial conversation with one of our analysts will usually provide the essential information we need to get you started, e.g., the nature of your business and a review of your data structures. Then, we will use Optimove to access and consolidate your customer data from any number of different sources (via API, Web services or a manual integration process) and get your framework set up for use. Your team will then participate in training sessions and start maximizing customer value!

Optimove’s structured and systematic marketing automation environment will immediately begin accumulating data on executed marketing actions and their results. The system can begin making recommendations within weeks or months, depending on the frequency of the marketing campaigns executed and the number of customers in the targeted groups.

Optimove is priced using a monthly subscription model, typically a few thousand dollars per month. Pricing tiers are based on the number of separate customer networks you operate and the number of customers in each database.

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