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Make The Most of
Customer Relationships

Start with Your Customer

Wherever you are on your marketing journey, you want a solution
tailored to your specific needs and approach. Optimove’s
Customer-Led Marketing Platform empowers you to start with your
customers and win their loyalty for life.


Wherever you are on your marketing journey, you want a solution tailored to your specific needs and approach.


Build the foundation of personalized CRM Marketing

Top features

  • Up to 150 Customer Attributes
  • Stream (Journey) Builder
  • Up to 3 Marketing Channels
  • Up to 55 Weekly Campaigns


Grow personalization efforts, with AI-optimization

Top features

  • Up to 300 Customer Attributes
  • Optimization Bot
  • Up to 5 Marketing Channels
  • Up to 160 Weekly Campaigns


Scale personalization with CRM journeys, mapped by AI

Top features

  • Unlimited Customer Attributes*
  • Self-Optimizing Campaigns
  • Self-Optimizing Journeys
  • Unlimited Marketing Channels
  • Unlimited Weekly Campaigns
Build Grow Scale

Customer Data Platform

Single Customer View
Batch Data Sources
Realtime Data Sources
Self-Serve Customer Attributes Creation
Historical, Behavioral & Transactional Attributes 150 Attributes 300 Attributes Unlimited*

Smart Journey Orchestration

Stream (Journey) Builder
Prioritization & Exclusion Mechanism
Experimentation Suite (Test & Control, A/B/n)
Optimization Bot
Self-Optimizing Campaigns & Journeys

Multichannel Engagement Hub

Number of Marketing Channels Up to 3 Up to 5 Unlimited
Number of Weekly Campaigns Up to 55 Up to 160 Unlimited

Marketing Analytics 

Marketing Dashboard
Customer Explorer
Marketing Plan Explorer
Customer Migration Explorer
Funnel Explorer
Segmentation Explorer
Cohort Analysis
Visits Explorer

Ready to Choose a Plan?

Put your customers first with Optimove’s Customer-Led Marketing Platform


Addons for the perfect package:

Email Marketing, Mobile Push Notifications, In-App Messaging, Web Push & Pop-Ups, Web & Mobile Personalization, Geo-fencing, Deferred Deep links, Digital Ads, DynamicMail

Email Marketing

Power every aspect of preparing, delivering and optimizing hyper-personalized email marketing campaigns, in a feature-rich platform, seamlessly integrated within Optimove.

Mobile Push Notifications

Easily prepare, deliver, and track hyper-targeted mobile push notifications to customers, seamlessly from within Optimove.

In-App Messaging

Engage your customers from within the app to provide updates and promotions with personalized overlays and inbox messages.

Web Push & Pop-Ups

Create rich, targeted, personalized web messages for your customers to increase engagement with a seamless experience across desktop and mobile.

Web & Mobile Personalization

Personalization platform for websites, mobile apps, and digital marketing channels.


Trigger more relevant messages for customers. Send unique ad campaigns to customers within a defined area.

Deferred Deep links

Engage potential customers using mobile promotions that take non-users to a specific content page inside an app.

Digital Ads

Orchestrate digital ad campaigns directly from Optimove to ensure customers and their lookalike audiences are served the most relevant ad, every time.


Increase engagement and ROI by building powerful product recommendation models using Optimove’s DynamicMail.

BI Studio

Gain insights that used to take a long time to compile in a visually rich interface within Optimove’s BI Studio (powered by Microsoft Power BI Embedded).

Frequently asked questions

How is Optimove Pricing determined?

Optimove’s pricing for its Customer-Led Marketing Platform is based on the number of monthly active customers (number of purchasers, users, players, traders) that you have. The Customer-Led Marketing Platform includes a Customer Data Platform, Multichannel Marketing Hub, and AI Orchestration Engine. Moreover, Optimove’s pricing for its add-on products is usage-based. For example, the pricing for its ESP, OptiMail, is based on the number of emails you will send.

  1. No, Optimove does not charge more if you have more data. Similarly, Optimove does not charge per platform user. Unlike other marketing platforms, Optimove allows your entire team to be users without impacting your costs.
  2. Optimove’s pricing is determined by the number of monthly active customers you have. Economies of scale do apply though. As you gain, and retain, more customers, the price you pay for each diminishes.

Yes. Optimove has three main product packages: Grow, Build, and Scale. You can easily upgrade to more sophisticated packages, and you will have the option to upgrade to more add-ons as well.

Optimove’s add-ons are priced based on usage. For example, Optimove’s ESP, OptiMail, is priced based on the volume of emails you will send.

With Optimove’s strategic services, there are two options. You have the option to pay per hour of recurring usage, or you can buy strategic solutions for a specific project. In this case the price would be project-based and not an hourly rate.

You can get a quote for Optimove’s pricing by submitting a demo request.

You can get in touch with an Optimove sales representative by submitting a demo request.

Yes, any size company can work with Optimove. We have many product packages to choose from, so if you are a smaller company, you can start with the smallest package. We aim to target different verticals and work with different sized enterprises.

Yes, Optimove provides local support during implementation to ensure fast and quality onboarding. As such, an implementation fee is part of our pricing.

Depending on the package you select, there might be limits as per the above packaging table. At the Scale package, for large databases, the number of attributes might be limited to ensure the best platform performance.

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Put your customers first with Optimove’s Customer-Led Marketing Platform

Optimove is used by 500+ high-velocity,
promotional, data-centric brands

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