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Engage your customers from within the app to provide updates and promotions with personalized overlays and inbox messages

Optimove’s mobile in-app messaging capabilities allow marketers to engage customers via multiple touchpoints directly within the app, with either customized in-app overlays or inbox messages.

With Optimove, marketers can provide a personalized and enriched experience on their mobile apps. Optimove empowers brands to create customized onboarding experiences, send custom messages based on customers’ behavior, and leverage rich in-app marketing tools to provide the ultimate personalized experience to every customer.



  • Trigger personalized messages that include rich media based on customers’ location or in-app behavior to enhance the customer experience
  • Customize the mobile inbox and in-app screen take-overs to match brand guidelines and app UI
  • Orchestrate custom content-based in-app messages in unison with additional mobile and non-mobile channels for symmetric messaging across customer journeys
  • Create deep linking and deferred deep linking campaigns from within the app to specific screens, shopping carts, or additional mobile apps
  • Create promotional and transactional messages to keep your customers up to date
  • Easy integration with industry-leading package managers, supported by SDKs for all major languages and platforms, including iOS, Android, Huawei, React Native, Flutter, Cordova/Ionic, Unity, and Xamarin

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