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Optimove Product Features Datasheet

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Download the Optimove Product Features Datasheet

Optimove's Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub helps smart marketers automate the delivery of emotionally intelligent, personalized, multi-channel customer marketing campaigns. Optimove’s AI technologies help bridge the gap between the science of data and the art of marketing: Optimove uses AI and machine learning to automate the analysis and interpretation of customer behavior, business data and marketing campaigns to automatically optimize CRM campaigns and to make improvement recommendations to marketers.

Download this datasheet to see a detailed description of the advanced features and capabilities that Optimove offers your marketing team, including:

  • Single Customer View
  • Predictive Analytics and Micro-Segmentation
  • Theme-Guided Analytics
  • Highly Personalized Customer Targeting
  • Calendar-based Marketing Plan Management
  • Dynamic Customer Journeys
  • Cross-Channel Campaign Automation
  • Activity-Triggered Realtime Campaign Execution
  • Accurate Campaign Measurement and Analysis
  • Self-Optimizing Campaigns
  • Autonomous Insight Generation