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Mobile Push

Easily prepare, deliver, and track hyper-targeted mobile push notifications to customers, seamlessly from within Optimove.

Optimove’s mobile marketing capabilities empower marketers to send personalized rich media mobile push messages directly to customers’ mobile devices when they are most ready to engage.  With Optimove’s mobile push notification software, marketers combine in-app behavior with customer attributes, preferences, and location to trigger automated, personalized notifications to keep customers coming back.

Optimove’s built-in audience, engagement, retention, and conversion analytics provide marketers with complete visibility of campaign performance and actionable insights to make data-driven decisions, increasing campaign impact.


  • Onboard, guide, and interact with customers, directly on their home screen
  • Powerful segmentation based on customer attributes and behaviors and triggering of location-aware experiences with geofences and beacons to enhance message relevancy
  • Native mobile push notifications for iOS (APNS), Google Android (FCM), and Huawei (HCM)
  • Leverage deep linking and deferred deep linking within notifications directing customers to specific screens, shopping carts, or additional mobile apps
  • Easy integration with industry-leading package managers, supported by SDKs to all major languages and platforms, including iOS, Android, Huawei, React Native, Flutter, Cordova/Ionic, Unity, and Xamarin

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