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Text Messaging

Deliver in-the-moment and hyper-personalized messages with real-time and scheduled SMS messages with OptiText.

Optimove’s native SMS marketing platform, OptiText, empowers you to send real-time, scheduled promotional and transactional Text messages.

With SMS marketing seamlessly integrated into the Optimove platform, you can effortlessly orchestrate multichannel, personalized campaigns, providing a truly holistic customer experience. All from one single platform.


  • Deliver immediate personalized messages and stay connected with your customers when they are on the go
  • Provide the best possible customer experience by keeping your customers in the loop and stay top-of-mind on their preferred channel
  • Orchestrate your SMS campaigns, along with all marketing channels, from a single platform
  • Leverage AI to determine the right channel and message for each individual customer creating hyper-personalized journeys
  • Measure the incremental impact of SMS campaigns beyond “vanity” metrics such as opens and clicks
  • Choose to deliver your SMS messages through your platform of choice between Twilio, Infobip, Mobivate, or Sinch

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