Optimove Became an Industry’s Go-To CRM Solution | Here’s How

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CRM Journeys,
Mapped by AI

High-velocity, promotional, data-centric brands choose
Optimove to scale their CRM marketing, intelligently.

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Repeat business is key to growth. Here’s what it takes:


Easily access your unified customer data while Optimove’s AI surfaces valuable engagement opportunities.


Continuously improve your campaigns and journeys with self-optimizing algorithms and one-click recommendations.


Harmonize your multichannel campaigns, so each customer receives the optimal message, always.


Understand the impact of your CRM Marketing by statistically measuring the incremental value of each customer interaction.

From Tens to Hundreds of Segments

Sounds overwhelming? Here’s how it’s done:


Create hundreds of segments with Optimove’s myriad of insight discovery solutions, including a robust single customer view and predictive customer analytics.
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Efficiently engage hundreds of segments across multiple channels with Optimove’s realtime decisioning engine, that solves next-best-action, campaign priority, and customer exclusion problems.
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Reduce the complexity of managing hundreds of segments with Optimove’s AI bot that combs through campaign data to surface actionable recommendations.
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Optimove is used by 500+ high-velocity, promotional, data-centric brands

“Optimove helps us focus on our users, their behaviors, and what we can do to drive the outcomes we want in our business.”
“Like a machine gun for marketing operations.”
“Optimove transforms customer data into actionable insights that drive growth.”
“Optimove’s approach is oriented to measurable results… it contributed in helping us deliver the very good results we achieved since its implementation.”

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