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The Leading CRM
Marketing Solution for
iGaming Operators

Since its inception, Optimove has been a key partner for the leading and fastest growing iGaming and Sports Betting operators. Today, Optimove is used by 56% of the EGR Power 50 and 4 of the top 5 operators in North America. Furthermore, Optimove is a multi-time winner of EGR’s Retention and Acquisition Partner award both globally and regionally, with recognition in Italy, the Nordics, and the Americas.

Optimove’s CRM Marketing Solution provides iGaming and Sports Betting operators with unified player data, AI-led multichannel orchestration, and statistically credible incrementality measurement for every promotion, campaign, and journey.

Additionally, Optimove’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Opti-X, empowers operators to deploy personalized iGaming Experiences across channels. From triggering an individualized campaign based on real-time sporting events, to dynamically serving personalized in-app bet slip recommendations, through to personalizing the complete Casino lobby based on models such as “People Near You” and “Because You Played.”

  • Provide CRM Marketing teams with access to unified historical, real-time, and predictive player data without the need for technical skills.
  • Discover powerful player insights with purpose-built customer explorers and AI tools.
  • Create hyper-segmented CRM Marketing strategies combining business rules with AI recommendations.
  • Orchestrate and automate highly personalized player interactions across all available channels by combining marketer- and AI-led prioritization and exclusion frameworks.
  • Engage players with hyper-targeted, real-time behavior and activity-triggered campaigns.
  • Understand the true financial uplift generated by every campaign with productized control groups.
  • Minimize generosity spend by optimizing bonus amounts for each individual player with the help of self-optimizing AI models.
  • Leverage AI to discover untapped potential in your player base as well as optimizations to your marketing strategy.
  • Dynamically personalize your website and mobile app by leveraging over 20 unique AI recommendation models without the need of additional services or teams.
  • Delight players with in-game messages for live events by leveraging real-time sports data and AI to autonomously identify relevant segments, create personalized campaigns, and deliver them in mere seconds.

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