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Optimove implements a systematic approach to planning, executing, measuring and optimizing a complete, highly personalized customer marketing plan.





Gaining a deeper understanding of your customers, including insights into what drives their behavior and what they are likely to do next, is at the heart of effective customer marketing. It’s partly about knowing how to deliver the right message at the right time via the right channel. But even more, it’s about successfully formulating an overall relationship marketing approach. Catering to each customer’s unique affinities will result in long-lasting relationships between your brand and your customers.

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Optimove empowers marketers to harmonize highly effective, multi-channel customer communications, at scale. By autonomously transforming customer data into actionable insights – and focusing on each individual customer’s activities, behaviors and preferences – Optimove enables new approaches to customer relationship automation, including Dynamic Customer Journeys and Behavior-Triggered Interaction.

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Optimization Bot

Optibot is the world’s first relationship marketing bot. Optibot bridges the gap between data science and the art of marketing, by serving marketers with actionable insights for the continuous optimization of customer communications. Optibot helps marketers avoid the high cost of generalization typical of batch and blast campaigns. By autonomously identifying untapped revenue opportunities within the customer base, Optibot makes it possible to leverage data for ongoing marketing performance improvement on a large scale.

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