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Web Push
& Pop-Ups

Create rich, targeted, personalized web messages for your customers to increase engagement with a seamless experience across desktop and mobile

Optimove’s native web pop-up and push capabilities allow marketers to start a personalized conversation, engaging customers across web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

Bring customers back to your website or SPA by increasing conversions with fully customizable web pop-ups and push notification services that comply with brand guidelines and are seamlessly orchestrated at scale by Optimove’s AI.


  • Increase user opt-in rates with permission overlays and soft prompts, such as alerts, bells, and banners
  • Maximize conversions with customized and personalized messages that leverage rich media and templates
  • Leverage Web-to-App banners to drive more sales from your mobile app with an award-winning deferred deep linking technology
  • Personalize each customer’s experience by dynamically adapting the content they receive based on their on-site behavior
  • Create journeys that combine web, mobile, email, and additional channels for symmetric messaging across customer journeys
  • Open-source SDK supporting all major browsers and facilitating GDPR compliant web push notifications to your website, SPA, or PWA

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