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Digital Ads

Orchestrate digital ad campaigns directly from Optimove to ensure customers and their lookalike audiences are served the most relevant ad, every time.

Two of the biggest challenges with effectively using ad platforms as part of a larger customer marketing strategy have been (1) creating relevant audiences and keeping them up to date, and (2) orchestrating ad campaigns as part of an integrated cross-channel marketing strategy. Optimove overcomes both challenges by empowering marketers to seamlessly integrate paid digital advertising with all other marketing efforts.


  • Leverage multidimensional segmentation capabilities, including predictive analytics, transactional history and behavioral components to target known, anonymous and lookalike audiences.
  • Maximize response rates by enabling Optimove to automatically update your audiences every day, ensuring that you are always targeting customers with the most relevant messages and incentives, given each customer’s most recent actions and behaviors.
  • Manage all cross-platform audiences from within Optimove via native integrations with Criteo, Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Customer Match, Google Display Network.
  • Accurately measure the direct uplift of each ad campaign against multiple custom KPIs, ensuring that you are optimizing for your most important business goals.
  • Optimize campaign response and discover performance-boosting opportunities to enhance your ad strategy, with Optimove’s AI-based optimization capabilities.

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