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When brands gain customers’ trust, they install the keystone for loyalty for life. With that, they unlock higher Lifetime Value, longer, stronger customer relationships, and better retention rates, every marketer’s dream. But what are the makings of consumer trust, what causes consumer distrust, and is it even possible to regain it? Our consumer survey reveals 

The Super Bowl is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. For iGaming marketers, there’s no better opportunity to connect with their audience on a massive scale. So, if you’re looking to supercharge your Super Bowl campaigns, we have five fun and effective ideas for you

Did you know that the number of items purchased in a shopper’s first order indicates their future customer behavior? It can give you a clue as to how long they’ll stick around with your brand and how likely they are to continue shopping. Here’s how to gain actionable insights into your customers’ initial interactions with your brand and turn them into loyal shoppers

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Data, Marketing and the Universe

With two strategic acquisitions in 2022, Optimove added both mobile marketing channels and real-time personalization to create the first Customer-Led Marketing Platform. Optimove is kicking off 2023 with the addition of SMS, a crucial channel for all marketers, and delivering on our commitment to an all-in-one platform.

How to Keep Your First-Time Customers Coming Back

What happens when you put three Relationship Marketing experts in one room and grill them about how their brands deal with economic uncertainty, personalization, AI, and starting marketing from the customer? You get deep insight into how successful brands do it. Here it is, in their own words

The cost of acquiring new customers is ballooning, and churn is a major issue for all forex trading platforms. That’s why we need more focus on existing traders, as we’ve already gone through the process of getting them on board. Here are three effective strategies to help you make the most of them and keep them around

CRM marketing is all about personalization, retention, orchestration, and optimization. Nailing CRM is especially crucial in the gaming space, and some brands could learn from others. Here’s how your brand can hit the jackpot with the right CRM best practices

With rising inflation, rising interests, and an uncertain economic climate, 2023 will be dominated by brands doubling down on retention marketing by employing customer-led marketing and next-level personalization to grow the lifetime value of existing customers. Make sure you’re prepared for the new year with these six resolutions