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Optimove’s Pulse tool provides iGaming operators with unprecedented visibility into industry performance, trends and benchmarks

Optimove’s iGaming Pulse offered unprecedented daily industry-wide benchmarks of sports betting trends throughout Euro 2024. Now, it’s time to announce the best performing countries in Conversion, Retention, Mobile Betting, and more

Discover how to identify and avoid low-value customers, the so-called zombie customers, to enhance marketing efficiency and customer loyalty

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Data, Marketing and the Universe

Cut through the noise and continuously communicate with your customers with Optimove’s Web Inbox

How to Keep Your First-Time Customers Coming Back

Optimove Insights analyzed over 15 million bets placed in the regular WNBA season games in the month of May

Discover how self-serve data ingestion empowers marketers to integrate and activate customer data, enhancing personalization and boosting ROI.

In this post, learn why AI-orchestrated gamification is key to meeting and exceeding player expectations of personalization that are higher than ever

As the US celebrates Independence Day, it is fitting to explore how marketers worldwide can declare independence from traditional roles.