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Spoiler alert! The more granular your customer segments, the better your campaigns perform. Think of it this way – would you buy the same birthday present for every one of your friends? If you answered no, you understand segmentation, which holds the secret to customer loyalty, retention, and more. Allow us to explain

Are bugs always a pain? Surprisingly (or not), they can provide valuable insight into how users interact with products and features. They can reveal pain points, areas for improvement, and even new features you have yet to consider. No buggin’ around!

Providing exceptional, personalized experiences in real-time can significantly increase conversion rates and customer lifetime value for any iGaming operator. Here’s how to keep players engaged and excited during mega-sporting events such as March Madness

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Data, Marketing and the Universe

Improving the player experience is a major task for any operator wishing to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Often, the same mistakes recur. In the second part of this mini-series, we’ll outline how to reimagine the experience you offer players to provide deeper personalization and a top-notch user experience

How to Keep Your First-Time Customers Coming Back

There’s so much Multichannel Marketing Hubs can do for your business. They provide visibility into the implementation of your overall marketing plan and significantly improve the quality of marketing decisions. Today, we’ll explore the first four (out of five) MMH benefits per Forrester

Just in time for International Women’s Day, Optimove’s very own VP of Engineering, Rachel Shehori, provides insight into her accomplishments as a female leader in a male-dominated tech space and offers useful tips for women looking to make a career in tech

Welcome to this three-part mini-series, where we discuss the importance of enhancing your in-platform player experience. In the first part, we’ll outline the challenges of personalization and offer possible solutions. So, here it goes…

Another Super Bowl is behind us, but that doesn’t mean it’s yesterday’s news. Aside from Rihanna’s controversial halftime show, there’s much to be discussed. Were more online bets placed that day? Was there an influx of new online bettors? Or an increase in bet amounts? All the answers can be found in these four main takeaways, or four downs, if you will