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The Leading Customer
Engagement Solution for Retailers

Start your marketing with the customer and strategically invest in retention marketing to foster long-term loyalty and maximize lifetime value.

Optimove’s Customer-Led Marketing Platform is the smartest customer engagement solution. Anchored by an unparalleled data foundation, it enables sophisticated segmentation, precise data modeling, AI-driven decision-making, and comprehensive multi-touch attribution, all seamlessly intertwining to deliver unmatched personalization.

Optimove’s combination of business rules with cutting-edge AI-led tools has garnered widespread acclaim, exemplified by our recognition as the #1 leader in Journey Orchestration by Gartner in the 2023 Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs.

  • Start every campaign from the customer, instead of a product or seasonal event, maximizing the relevance of each message for your individual customers.
  • Empower marketing teams with seamless access to unified omnichannel historical, real-time, and predictive customer data, eliminating the need for engineering resources.
  • Discover powerful customer insights with purpose-built customer explorers and AI tools.
  • Create hyper-segmented retention marketing strategies combining business rules with AI recommendations.
  • Orchestrate and automate personalized interactions across all channels by synergizing marketer- and AI-led prioritization and exclusion frameworks.
  • Optimize promotional spend while boosting customer response rates through personalized promotion amounts tailored to each custome with self-optimizing AI models.
  • Gain comprehensive insights into the incremental business value of your entire customer marketing plan and each individual campaign using productized control groups.
  • Engage customers with hyper-targeted, real-time behavior and activity-triggered campaigns.
  • Leverage AI to discover untapped potential in your customer base as well as optimizations to your marketing strategy.
  • Dynamically personalize your website and mobile app by leveraging over 20 unique AI recommendation models without the need of additional services or teams.
“Optimove is a powerful tool that has been a major driver of results via much more personalized and targeted customer communications.”
“Optimove has been a game changer for our CRM team.”
“Like a machine gun for marketing operations”
“CRM automation at scale = Optimove”

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