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 Smart App Banners

Smart App Banners, also known as Web-to-App banners, help brands convert Web visitors to App users.

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What are Smart App Banners?

Smart app banners appear as a banner at the top of a user’s mobile browser giving the user the option to download or open the app. The banner includes a smart link that routes to automatically open the app if the user has the app installed or to the app store page if the customer does not have the app installed.

Because smart app banners are on the top of the screen, they do not disrupt the user experience by taking over the whole screen. The banners encourage web visitors to open or install the app, converting mobile web visitors into app users. Smart app banners facilitate a web-to-app flow between a brand’s website and its app.

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Smart App Banners - Optimove

How are Smart App Banners Used for Promotion?

Many customers begin their customer journey on websites. Websites are a simple way for customers to learn about a brand and its products before deciding to buy anything. Smart app banners promote the brand’s app and bring more traffic to the app. When customers visit a brand’s website to learn about the brand, smart app banners connect customers to the app, so they can continue their journey by making a purchase or completing another action.

Customers that use a brand’s app are more loyal and have higher average lifetime values than those who don’t. Additionally, native apps can drive 3x more sales than mobile web making a user on a mobile app far more valuable to business than a website user. As such, brands need to convert web visitors to app users. Smart app banners encourage web visitors to download the app, increasing the likelihood of the customer completing a transaction.

How to maximize Smart App Banners

Smart App Banners are a powerful acquisition and retention tool for marketers when used correctly. Below are three strategies that will maximize the impact of web-to-app banners:

  • Brand alignment – Customize Smart App Banners’ prompt to match your brand with your logo, app store ratings, and personalized buttons.
  • Contextualize prompts – Trigger the banners based on user web behavior at the precise moment it is most likely to convert to acquire new, highly engaged app users.
  • Personalize offers – Create a personal link that is relevant to each user to encourage them to use your app. Pre-populate incentives such as 20% discounts or buy one get one free offers that are automatically added once the user launches the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Optimove provide multi-channel campaign management?

Absolutely! Optimove can run campaigns across a wide range of execution channels, whether separately or in tandem. Optimove supports campaign delivery via:

*Email (via the internal Optimail module or via integration with any third-party ESP)
*Mobile push notification
*Facebook Custom Audiences
*Google Display Network
*Website/app pop-up
*In-platform messaging (e.g., lobby banner)
*Offline (e.g., direct mail, call center, automated calling system)
*Any other in-house or third-party service via integration

Optimove contains out-of-the-box integrations with many popular systems, including:

*Adobe Campaign
*Cheetah Digital
*Oracle Responsys
*Salesforce Marketing Cloud
*Dynamic Messaging
*Salesforce Marketing Cloud
*Mobile Push
*Salesforce Marketing Cloud
*Web Push
*Braze (formerly Appboy)
*Web Advertising
*Facebook Custom Audiences
*Google Customer Match
*Google Display Network
*Dynamic Yield
*Playtech Bonus System
*888 Adjustment API
The rich Optimove API further enables sophisticated integration with any other in-house or third-party channel. Additionally, the system can export CSV files for manual campaign implementation.

Optimove’s Smart App Banners

Optimove’s technology allows brands to use Web-to-App banners to drive more customers to the brand’s app. The technology increases the number of users who download your app and the number of transactions users make inside your app.

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