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Proximity Marketing 

Proximity marketing targets customers with relevant messages based on their closeness to a specific location.

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What is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing allows marketers to target a customer at the right place at the right time with highly personalized content. Sending customers messages based on their proximity to a location allows marketers to send relevant content to the customer, increasing the likelihood of converting them. Proximity marketing is a marketing technique that enhances the customer experience by sending them unique, personalized marketing campaigns.

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Customers want a highly personalized experience from brands, and because of mobile devices, brands can access customers’ location data. Proximity marketing allows you to analyze and use customers’ location data to provide a unique customer experience.

Types of Proximity Marketing

There are multiple methods you can use to execute proximity marketing. Examples of proximity marketing methods include:

  • WIFI – when customers connect to guest WIFI, you can collect data and use it to send personalized messages. It is one of the easiest proximity marketing methods to implement. It is also necessary because you could lose customers if they do not have access to free WIFI at your location.
  • GPS – geofencing uses GPS technology to send customers messages when they enter or exit a predefined boundary. It is a great tool to encourage customers to visit your store or inform them about exclusive offers and discounts.
  • NFC – near-field communication allows a smartphone and an NFC tag to communicate. Brands can use NFCs for contactless payment, social networking, sharing contacts, sharing photos or videos, and more.
  • Beacons – beacons are Bluetooth devices that detect when a device is nearby. When a device is nearby, you can send them messages based on their location and collect customer data.

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The Benefits of Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing allows marketers to create a personalized experience for customers, enhancing their overall customer experience. Here are some benefits of proximity marketing:

  • Tailored Advertising – sending customers advertisements based on their locations allows you to send them highly relevant information. For example, suppose a customer is in your store and considering making a purchase. In that case, you can use proximity marketing to send them the perfect message to encourage them to complete the transaction.
  • Personalization – when you offer customers a personalized experience based on their location, you show them you care about their user experience, making them more likely to remain loyal customers.
  • Data Collection – proximity marketing can give brands insight into their customers’ behavior, allowing you to build future campaigns to engage those users.
  • App Engagement – a brand’s app needs to be successful for brand growth, so brands must increase app engagement. You can send users push notifications based on their location using proximity marketing to increase app engagement and encourage customers to complete transactions.

Beacons and other forms of proximity marketing build strong connections between customers and brands. When brands can send personalized and relevant content to customers, they are more likely to remain loyal customers and purchase from the brand. Brands must implement proximity marketing through beacons, geofencing, QR codes, and more to enhance the customer experience and ensure brand growth.

Optimove’s Proximity Marketing Capabilities

Optimove’s technology allows you to use geofencing, beacons, and other location technologies to send customers targeted messages based on their location. Optimove can help you collect, analyze, and use customer data to deliver relevant content to customers using proximity marketing.

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