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In App Marketing 

In-app marketing is any messaging or marketing campaign that is displayed while users are inside or using your brand’s app.

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What is In-App Marketing?

In-app marketing is any marketing campaign inside a mobile app. Using in-app marketing allows businesses to use real time data and personalized messages to engage customers. In-app marketing allows you to improve the customer experience, collect feedback, and communicate with customers in a highly relevant way. It allows you to control when app messages are displayed for specific users and to connect with users at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

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Why do you Need In-App Marketing?

In-app marketing is important for your business because it can complement your product and other campaigns to increase customer engagement. It also allows you to personalize the customer experience and send messages to users at the most advantageous moments. In-app marketing allows you to educate users about your product, send personalized messaging to increase conversion, and overall increase customer loyalty and the likelihood of users continuing to visit your app.

Types of In-App Marketing

There are many ways you can implement in-app marketing to increase customer engagement. Here are some examples:


In-app notifications can be push notifications that pop-up like a banner or a subtle message in your app. Push notifications can attract users to your app by encouraging them to visit your app to complete an action. Small notifications in the app can give user recommendations, requests for feedback, or educate them about a new feature.


Tooltips give the user more information about a feature or section of your app. It is a great tool for educating users about your app and product, increasing the likelihood that the customer will continue to engage with your content.

Interactive Walkthroughs

By combining multiple tooltips in a sequence, you can create an interactive walkthrough. Interactive walkthroughs allow your users to gradually learn how to navigate through your app. It increases the odds that the user will retain what they learn and continue using your app.


Modals are a type of in-app messaging that pop-up on a user’s screen. They allow you to encourage the user to perform a specific action. Because modals require an action from the user it increases the chance of them retaining the information in your message and completing or starting the desired action.


Micro-surveys allow you to collect feedback and data from users through a simple survey with a few questions. Customers are often overwhelmed by long surveys, making it difficult to collect valuable feedback. Micro-surveys give you customer insight without overloading your users. You can use the information you collect to edit your product and app to your user’s preferences.

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In-App Marketing Strategies

It is important to have a strategy for your in-app marketing campaigns to ensure they are successful. Some strategies to optimize your in-app marketing include:

  • Guiding the User Experience – educate users about how to navigate through your app to engage new and inactive users and demonstrate the app’s value to your user
  • Gathering Feedback – use behavioral data and feedback through in-app prompts to avoid frustrated or confused users and to indicate you care about their user experience
  • Collecting Positive Reviews – show positive reviews of your app to bring more people to your app and trigger prompts for users to review the app when they are enjoying the app
  • Filming an App’s Explainer Video – create a short video to explain the value and function of your app to users

Optimove’s In-App Marketing Platform

Optimove’s platform allows you to create in-app messages to display to users while they are using your app. Using Optimove’s in-app messaging platform, you can create customized in-app messages or inbox messages. We encourage clients to design an onboarding experience, send messages based on customer’s behavior, and use in-app messaging to give the user the most personalized experience.

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