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With a customer data platform at its core, Optimove allows marketers to orchestrate highly effective customer communications across all channels, at scale.


Optimove makes it practical to manage and optimize infinite customer journeys, in which each customer determines what comes next. With Optimove, marketers re-imagine traditional, funnel-based customer journey maps to most effectively communicate with each individual customer in the context of their actual activities, behaviors and preferences. Customer data, prior campaign responses and predictive behavior modeling are used to identify the most important intervention points – and the best kinds of responses and activities for each – that brands can leverage to maximize customer engagement and loyalty.


Optimove automatically runs your campaigns at their scheduled dates and times, via predefined single or multiple channels. The platform supports any 1:1 marketing channel, including email, SMS, mobile push messaging, Facebook Custom Audience, Google Display Network, Twitter Tailored Audience, website banner ads, call center, automated calling and many others. You can use native Optimove channels, your in-house tools and promo systems, and integrate with third-party systems through Optimove’s robust API. With Optimove, you will deliver every communication through the channels that are most effective for each customer. Optimove allows you to easily achieve true multi-channel campaign automation.


Interact with your customers at the point of greatest impact – when they’re on your site or app! Optimove uses predictive segmentation and realtime customer activity data to serve hyper-targeted, activity-triggered marketing campaigns to individual customers based on customizable triggers you define in Optimove. When customer activity triggers a campaign, Optimove immediately sends your communication via email, webpage pop-up, mobile push notification or any other campaign delivery channel at your disposal.


Optimove automatically divides campaign recipients into test and control groups, running every campaign as a marketing experiment. This allows the software to accurately calculate the actual financial uplift of each campaign, the most important indicator of campaign performance. This approach of scientific campaign attribution allows you – and Optimove’s optimization technologies – to maximize the true effectiveness of every relationship marketing activity, as well as the ability to report on campaign success, in terms of financial metrics.

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