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Optimove’s highly scalable, cloud-based database infrastructure enables medium and large enterprises to access their always-up-to-date and unified customer data, include it in proprietary models, use it to create custom attributes, and easily share it with all other teams and systems.


Optimove’s CDP data infrastructure powers the ingestion, unification, access, sharing and activation of your organization’s customer data, by merging large-scale batch processing with a state-of-the-art event streaming framework.

Leveraging the Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse, Optimove offers brands dozens of out-of-the-box data connectors for rapid batch processing of massive amounts of data from disparate systems. Also available are custom database-to-database connections, secure CSV file transfers and a scalable event-streaming framework for the realtime ingestion of customer activity data.


Optimove’s scalable, cloud-based data infrastructure quickly performs complex data calculations and transformations, in a fraction of the time of other solutions. Following data ingestion, Optimove performs data cleansing, quality assurance and profile-matching procedures. It is easy for marketing teams to define calculated fields, custom attributes and new KPIs, at any point in time. Your organization will enjoy having, at all times, an accurate, complete and up-to-date single customer view for each individual customer.

Access & Sharing

Optimove’s UI provides easy access to, and activation of, all available data for sophisticated targeting, analysis and optimization. A dedicated SQL console provides direct access to unified customer data by any team or system in the organization, for downstream analysis and modeling.

All customer data, including custom, calculated and predicted fields, is available for use both within Optimove and across the organization, via dozens of data connectors and Optimove’s API. Optimove’s CDP core ensures that all of your systems, campaigns and customer touchpoints are synchronized with the latest unified customer data, enabling contextually relevant customer experiences across the board.

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