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BI Studio

Gain the strategic advantage of having rich, interactive business intelligence reports available within Optimove, customized for your specific needs and goals.

The Optimove BI Studio is a business intelligence reporting system embedded within Optimove. Optimove’s Strategic Services Team works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and then crafts personalized, interactive BI reports that are accessed seamlessly within the Optimove platform.


  • Powerful reporting – BI Studio can generate accurate and comprehensive reports based on any facet of a company’s business data. Based on Microsoft Power BI Embedded (PBIE) technology, these reports are vibrant and rich, enabling all types of business users to understand and act on the information presented.
  • Interactive data visualizations – BI Studio excels at offering a wide range of data visualization capabilities, transforming massive amounts of data into intuitive visuals that communicate meaning and encourage interactive data exploration.
  • Best practices built in – Optimove’s Strategic Services Team leverages its many years of experience working with hundreds of clients to ensure that reports provide the most valuable insights in the easiest ways.
  • Granular access permissions – Access to BI Studio reports is based on Optimove’s standard role permission settings.
  • Integrated with Optimove – With no need to start using additional tools or worrying about data synchronization, the Optimove platform provides sophisticated BI reporting and analysis.

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