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CRM Hack: Cross-Selling Between Platforms

Going from single platform customers to multi-platform customers with a couple of quick and easy CRM marketing hacks

Welcome to another episode of PostFunnel Insider, Optimove’s series of CRM know-how, tips, news, and analysis videos. Last month, we presented you with three the Ws of cross-sell – why, who, and when to cross-sell. Today, let’s turn our focus to specifically cross-selling customers between platforms. 

The goal is to push loyal single platform customers towards other platforms that your brand has on offer – by giving them significant incentive to be active on other platforms as well.

Changing consumer behavior, from single platform customers to becoming multi-platform customers, allows users to become fully immersed, totally engaged, and the most valuable type of customers in your database.

Here are some of the main reasons why you may want to cross-sell between the following platforms:

Cross-Selling from Web to Mobile

  • Did you know that mobile customers turn into paying customers twice as fast as web customers?
  • Did you know that mobile customers make their second deposit ~1.5X faster than web customers?
  • Did you know that mobile customers have ~1.6X more active days compared to web customers?

Cross-Selling from Single Platform to Multi-platforms

  • Did you know that multi-platform customers’ conversion rate is 4X higher compared to single platform customers?
  • Did you know that multi-platform customers have 21% higher chances of becoming MTDs than single platform customers?
  • Did you know that multi-platform customers have deposit amounts that are 10% greater than single platform customers?

How to Do It

Send a “Download Our App” email campaign – A soft marcom message in an email that doesn’t promote any offer but rather lets customers know that your brand does have an app and that you’re inviting them to check it out for reasons that make sense to your specific product or service. 

By sending out a campaign as such, your customers’ chances of becoming active on your app are much higher than if you we’re never to let them know and motivate them to try it!

Want to hear more? Watch the full video here:

Download this detailed marketing plan for new bettors

If you would like to know more about how to get the most from cross-selling between platforms, reach out to Optimove’s Strategic Services team. 

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