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CRM Hack: Marketing Campaign Optimization

Watch: 5 Tips for what to keep in mind when testing and analyzing your campaign performance

In CRM marketing, you analyze your customers’ behavior and segment them accordingly. That’s the first step for everything.

Then you think about the entire journey of communications you would like for your customers to have in order to reach their full LTV potential.

But optimizing existing marketing plans is not an easy task. There are some essential ways to make the process simpler, though.

To achieve the results your marketing team is looking for, you should run campaigns with test and control groups. When analyzing the campaign results, you can compare the groups you set up and make changes accordingly.

We know that using this method to maintain hundreds or even thousands of campaigns can be exhausting.

And so, here are five tips to pass the traps and obstacles and keep the cycle running:

Download 4 use cases on adopting marketing testing & optimization best practices

From the video:

5 Tips: What to keep in mind when optimizing campaigns:

1. Use a naming convention for your target groups, promotions, etc.

Make sure to keep the names short and simple but still clear.

2. Set a time limit for A/B campaigns.

The test period itself is crucial for understanding the actions of a specific segment of customers.

3. Analyze one journey at a time

Be sure to focus on a specific cycle, country, etc. For example, find a specific cycle in a specific country that is underperforming, and look into it. Analyzing each journey separately will help avoid confusion and teach you about your whole activity from the ground up.

4. Include campaigns with no customers.

No campaign should ever be overlooked. Campaigns with no customers, for instance, are a sign that something isn’t working and should be included in your overall analysis.

5. Check your deliverability methods

These could be affecting your overall campaign performance, such as open and click rates, which will help you better understand your customer behavior.

If you’re interested in learning more about optimizing your CRM marketing campaigns, contact us.

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