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CRM Hack: Gamifying CRM Campaigns

Watch: How to define it, do's and don'ts, examples, and more

The emergence of gamification in marketing campaigns is nothing new or novel. However, when properly implementing this technique in your marketing plan, it can boost growth and engagement, and revenue.

Marketers worldwide can leverage gamification by applying it to retention and acquisition efforts.

In the short video below – brought to you by Optimove’s director of strategic services Sam Resincow, you can learn how to define it better, its do’s and don’ts, and how you can immediately implement gamification hacks into your marketing plan.

From the video:

What Is Gamification

Gamification is all about taking game design principles to non-game contexts. It is a great tool to create loyalty and promote stickiness.  

For example, it can be implemented as a simple solution – when a player does X and receives Y. Or it can be turned into a more advanced system, like a full-blown loyalty program, where a series of activities taken by a player will be redeemed for cash or prizes.

All such solutions can easily be implemented with Optimove.

The Dos and Don’ts

Here’s just one best practice (we’ve got many more up our sleeves) that you’ll need to follow:

Don’t: Create a requirement that can be completed in one sitting.

For example – Play 4 different games and receive X.

Do: Create a requirement that establishes repeating behaviors.

For example – Play a new game each week this month and receive X (next month)

We found with the Don’t examples that you might have a good response rate, like customers meeting these requirements and receiving the benefits, but they’ll often come… and then they’ll go.

That’s why you should try and promote activities that compel the customer to complete them over time. It doesn’t have to be a full month of pre-requisite activities either – 5 days should do it.

Sounds exciting? Find out how to implement it with your team.

How to Get Started

1. Align on the objective – decide with your team what the objective gamification is going to serve. For example, it can be used for cross-selling, increasing overall engagement, upselling for the onboarding journey, and more. Just remember, strategy first!

2. Leverage advanced target group criteria under Campaign History – at Optimove, you can easily access the following data: Customers who received, were targeted, and responded to X campaigns. This gives you the exact criteria you’ll need to create a loyal customer base with verified data to back it up.

3. Reach out: You can either create such target groups and/or the campaigns on your own or take advantage of Optimove’s Strategic Services team, who can set up the entire program for you.

That’s it! To start implementing all the spectacular mechanisms of gamification, contact us.

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Sam Resnicow

As Director of Strategic Services at Optimove, Sam Resnicow helps CRM executives leverage data-driven methods to optimize their marketing strategy. Sam holds a B.Sc in Applied Economics from the University of Vermont and has over 9 years of experience driving evidence-based decision making with Fortune 500 companies. He might also be playing the violin right now. He might also not. It's basically Schrodinger's violin.