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5 Festive Tips to Celebrate Your Customers’ Birthday

Posted by on 17 January 2019

Be succinct, show urgency but keep it funny, and of course, personalize it as much as possible. Our third article on your way to become a marketing email authority will teach you how to surprise your customers on their special day        

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Introducing Optimove’s Streams: Measure the Joint Performance of Multiple Campaigns

Posted by on 14 January 2019

Going big with your measurements and insights: Optimove’s new feature empowers marketers to run controlled tests on multiple campaign series to determine which strategies are most effective at meeting long-term business goals

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All I Want After Christmas: Going Places with December’s Traffic

Posted by on 3 January 2019

The last month of the year always looks good on your books, but what about getting some long-term uplift from it? Optimove’s research shows how big of a mistake it is to have a structured acquisition plan with no retention backup

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Summarizing Optimove Connect’s 2018 Workshops

Posted by on 27 December 2018

14 experts, six professional workshops, one retention marketing conference. We combined various aspects of CRM marketing – Campaign Analysis, Content Repurposing, Email Marketing, VIP Segmentation and much more into six insightful videos. Enter to learn and enjoy

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Optimove Connect 2018: The Recap

Posted by on 20 December 2018

Our fourth annual conference was a big success, with over 450 experienced colleagues sharing the latest trends, research findings, challenges and opportunities from the cutting-edge of relationship marketing. Optimove's Chief Marketing Officer takes you on a special tour and presents all the lectures from this one-of-a-kind conference

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Why CDPs Fail: A Tale of Three Unfulfilled Expectations

Posted by on 13 December 2018

All insight and no execution is cause for frustration, errors, and money down the drain. Learn why Customer Data Platforms are often hard-pressed to keep their promises

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GDPR Effect: How Many Customers are Using Their Right to Be Forgotten?

Posted by on 6 December 2018

Six months after GDPR took effect, how did it impact business? How many users used their right to be forgotten? And what these numbers actually mean? An Optimove research tells it all

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Going Customer-Centric: The 4 Toughest Challenges to Confront

Posted by on 29 November 2018

Everyone believes their business is customer-centric, but more often than not, people within an organization are looking at the same customer through different prisms. Learn how your company structure is harming your marketing goals

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Awaited and Expected: Examining the Influence of Black Friday Campaigns

Posted by and on 22 November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy holiday shopping season. If your brand really wants to go 'into the black' and have its share of the $11.8bn extravaganza, your campaigns should revamp accordingly. An Optimove research reveals how effective they can be during this time of year

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The Faithful-Eight: 8 Quick Tips for Your Holiday Season Marketing Strategy

Posted by and on 22 November 2018

Reactivate, personalize, look for your VIPs and never sell yourself short. Optimove's marketing experts give you some straight-forward pointers to help turn the holiday season to a fruitful one

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Prep Yourself for The Holidays: How to Enhance Your Customers’ Shopping Experience

Posted by on 15 November 2018

Black Friday is just around the corner, and with it an increased need to better identify and treat your holiday-shoppers. How should you win their attention? Entice them. Here are some ideas

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Overcoming the Content Creation Hurdle that Comes with Personalization: 4 Useful Hacks

Posted by and on 8 November 2018

Many marketers these days fear they will not be able to benefit from personalization's many advantages, because they don't have the creative span to match. These segmentation and content management methods will make personalization much more approachable

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