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CRM Hack: in Email as in Real Estate, Location Can Make or Break It

In our latest professional tip video, we talk about what you can do with geolocation data to improve your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is a complex task, with so many moving parts. From the copy to the template, images, links, calls-to-action, different drips, KPIs, audiences. And data.

In this installation on our Weekly CRM Hack series, where we bring you short videos – each presenting one small tweak you can add to your CRM operation – we dive into what you can do with the geolocation pixel.

The geolocation pixel is just one of a few different tracking capabilities you should be using, and that each can help you execute smarter email campaigns.

Watch this week’s quick guide below, brought to you by Optimove’s Strategic Services team, to learn about that one specific ability. And feel free to reach out to our team of marketing analysts. They are literally sitting by their phones waiting for your call (so surprise them, and send an email instead, to

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