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CRM Hack: Going from Basic Segmentation to Personalization

Revealed: 4 steps you must take to start turning your data-based segments into a personalized marketing strategy

A well-known axiom in marketing is that – the more personalized, the better. And even though achieving personalization at scale is pretty hard if you don’t possess the right technology, there’s still a lot you can do to.

Of course, to get going, it all depends on the data you have. This is where you begin to segment your audience. But going from having segments/target groups, to actually personalize your marketing strategy, requires a few additional steps.

To quickly learn how to approach this process, you can either watch the short 3-minute video here or read the transcript just below it.

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What data do I have?

At your disposal, you may have data that we call “static” – the kind that doesn’t change very often. Today, you may segment customers based on customer id, date of birth, gender, region, and more.

To go from basic segmentation to personalized targeting, your team needs to have transactional data in your campaigns. For example, details of purchases/usage (product type, the amount spent, delivery method, etc.)

Data from online activity, which is very much realtime, tells you a lot about your customers. Then you can be more sophisticated in your messaging.

But how do I get there?

  1. Set Achievable Goals

You need to set goals first as they are great motivators for action. For example, generate three recurring new campaigns per month with a more personalized approach.

  1. Define Your KPIs

Not campaign KPIs but rather KPIs that measure the success of your journey being more personalized. For example, the number of automated journeys, the average target group size, etc.

  1. Encourage Creativity

In this case, you need to generate a lot of content… as quantity helps! And separate idea generation from idea selection.

  1. Experiment and Iterate, Continuously

It is crucial to experiment continuously. For example, start running A/B control campaigns, monitor results, make changes, and monitor again. Then drive further changes.

It’s a new way of working.

These are but a few ways to take advantage of advanced and sophisticated personalization in your CRM marketing strategy.

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