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CRM Hack: Going Beyond Personalization Tags

It's a crucial step on your way to achieving an individualized real-time experience for each user

Personalization tags give that extra personal touch to your emails. It could be something like adding a user’s name, user I.D. or player I.D. – or even their favorite product or game in the email you send them.

But personalization tags are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more you can do with your emails to make the end-user feel like you know them. Personally.

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Personalization: What if you could do more?

You can personalize your email campaigns to make them more timely, relevant and resonate with your end-users with these examples:


By using a third-party tool, like Dynamic Mail, you can bring third party data into your emails. For instance, depending on where the user is – you can send an email that shows them the nearest stores to them or things happening in their area.

Weather Conditions

You can take this a step further, incorporating weather conditions so you can determine – based on the weather – what kind of content your users should see. Suppose the user is currently experiencing a rainy day. In that case, you should send them content that resonates with how they may be feeling.

Of course, you can combine the two – and send emails with content per the email and location.

And take that even further – by adding customer segment as a layer here, and sending even more personalized content – as you can see in the image below.

These are just some quick ideas of what you can do by combining personalized information and third-party data points.

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