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Maximize email relevancy and engagement by embedding rich, interactive content that is dynamically updated when each customer opens your emails.

DynamicMail enables marketers to embed dynamic, interactive content into emails in order to further increase the relevancy and engagement of customer emails. The content of DynamicMail-powered emails is updated in realtime, via a live database connection, at the time each recipient opens the email, ensuring the most relevant message for every customer, every time.

Already powering more than 2 billion emails per month, DynamicMail is another means of fulfilling Optimove’s vision of empowering brands to exhibit emotional intelligence when communicating with their customers.


  • Further increases the engagement and effectiveness of the most effective relationship marketing channel
  • High-resolution customer segmentation with dynamic content personalization
  • Brings the high level of personalization and interaction available in other channels to the email inbox
  • Ensures that each customer sees the most relevant messages, products, prices and offers, even when emails are opened long after being sent
  • Supports a wide range of use cases, such as: always show accurate current pricing, only promote products that are currently in stock, show product recommendations based on each customer’s most recent browsing/purchase activity, and embed personalized interactive content (video, countdown timers, store locators, social media feeds, carousels, reveals, etc.)

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