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CRM Hack: Using Realtime Marketing to Improve Conversion

Watch: Examples of realtime marketing campaigns to use in your registered only customer marketing plan

Using realtime marketing campaigns can significantly improve conversion rates for any brand out there. However, marketers must implement the right strategy for the right segment of customers for their marketing plan to succeed.

Today, we’ll share with you a couple of realtime campaign examples that you can include in your registered only marketing plan to increase overall conversion rates.

For your convenience – you can either watch the video or read the transcript below it. Enjoy!

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Realtime Campaigns – What Are They?

Realtime marketing campaigns are communications that happen in real time, triggered by an event or action taken by the customer.

For example, showing a popup message on your website once a customer places their first order/deposit – to perhaps congratulate them for doing so.

3 Main Steps to Begin

To implement realtime marketing campaigns, you must:

  • Segment – Define the customers and scenarios which require realtime communications based on historical data.
  • Track – Collect site or app activities, user actions, and external events. For example, clicks, paid views, and so on.
  • Trigger – Deliver personalized messages to users immediately following a specific action.

Registered Only Customers – Campaign Ideas

Let’s turn our focus to registered customers who have not yet made a monetary activity on your site. These customers are likely to be a large portion of your customer database and it’s important to communicate with them in realtime – as they are likely to be less engaged.

See two examples below:

Gaming – Login Campaign

SegmentRegistered player, 0 deposits
GoalMake a first deposit
EventPlayer logs in to the site and doesn’t make a deposit within 1 minute
ResultPopup/ in app message with text along the lines of, “Deposit $X and get XX% bonus!”

Retail – Cart Abandonment Campaign

SegmentRegistered customer, 0 orders
GoalPlace their first order
EventCustomer adds items to their cart but doesn’t complete the order
ResultIn app message with text along the lines of, “Looks like you left some items in your cart, don’t leave them behind!”

These are just a couple of realtime marketing campaign examples you can implement in your registered only customer marketing plan… and we’ve got many more up our sleeves! 😉

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Shaked Mosseri

Shaked is a data Analyst, serving on Optimove's Strategic Services team. Shaked excels at identifying valuable trends and insights through the analysis of customer and campaign data for retail and gaming clients.