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The Guide to Advanced Customer Segmentation

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Segment Your Customers – A Step-by-Step Guide

Understanding customer segmentation and its value can be the winning component in building marketing campaigns that grab (and keep) customers’ attention. Customer segmentation is a method of dividing customers into homogeneous groups with a high degree of accuracy, based on demographics, past behavior, predicted future behavior, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and other indicators.

In this ebook, we’ll walk you through a three-step approach to segmenting your customers, showing you how to pinpoint your customers’ exact wants and needs. Using this step-by-step guide to segmentation, you will learn how to create offers and campaigns that target a specific audience, as well as personalized and relevant offers that will resonate with your customers.

Download this free guide and start segmenting your customers like a pro! Discover a failsafe, advanced and simple way to segment your customers, identify your most valuable customers and understand how to engage them with campaigns that are tailored to their specific wants and needs.