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CRM Hack: How to Make Your Dashboard Insightful

We all work with dashboards. But we're all not analysts. So, here's a quick 6-minute workshop to give the non-analyst some basic do's-and-don'ts of dashboard management - so that you too could love them

Nowadays, when everything’s aimed to be data-driven – we all have dashboards and reports to keep track of our important KPIs.

But let’s admit it – it’s not for everyone. Not everyone is an analyst and feels natural around graphs and charts and numbers. And then some more numbers.

And so, sometimes, although you may have all the numbers in one place, it could take you a while to get some insights out of them.

So, how do you make your dashboard more insightful? Optimove’s expert is giving you this 6-minute very-quick workshop on dashboard basics. Or, in other words, do’s-and-don’ts for dashboard arrangement.

Watch it or read the transcript just below it!

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What You Should Add to Your Dashboard

  • Comparisons

In order to understand the values in your dashboard and whether they show good or bad performance, you need to compare them to other values. See an example of conversion rates below:

  • Colors and Visuals

Then, make the values or the changes based on the comparisons stick out in the report. The easiest way to do so is by coloring those values and figures. Take it a step further by adding visuals such as arrows or dots and other symbols.

  • Trends

To gain fast and easy insights, you need to look at historical data or in other words trends that have occurred in the past. That’s why you should add trendlines to your reports.

  • Targets

Targets allow you to understand what you are aiming for or what the objectives are for a specific KPI.

  • Benchmarks

Benchmark data will eventually enable you to understand your pain points, the main KPIs you should focus on, and where you should start.

Hopefully, by adding these objects and items to your dashboards – you’ll be able to gain the insights you need in practically no time!

For more details, reach out to us – the Optimove Strategic Services team – as we have a lot more to give:

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Omer Liss

Omer Liss is Optimove's Director of Strategic Services, helping CRM executives of top online entertainment and e-commerce businesses optimize their customer retention strategy. Omer has vast experience consulting clients, analyzing their customer data and revealing actionable, data-driven marketing insights. Omer holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, specializing in Information Systems.