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CRM Hack: Campaign Prioritization

Use the three main types of CRM campaigns to effectively schedule and prioritize your marketing communications for your customers

Picture this. It’s your customer’s birthday, your new, long-awaited collection is about to launch, and your customer just logged in to your site after being absent for a while.

Though you’ve probably got all your campaigns ready on the backburner – you might have difficulty deciding which campaign is most important and which one this specific customer should be receiving right now.

So, how do you go about prioritizing your CRM email campaigns? How are you making sure that each customer in your database receives the most relevant and exciting message each time?

Watch the 5-minute video or read the transcript just below it to find out.

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The 3 Main Types of Campaigns:

1. Ad-Hoc

These emails are sent following a special event and should take precedence as they’re an excellent means to re-spark engagement. Examples include a new store opening, a big sale, a new collection launching, etc.

2. Trigger/behavior-based

These emails are sent following a specific action. For example, your customer’s last login, returned item, open/click on an email or button. These campaigns should be ready for execution once a customer triggers one of the above actions (and more).

3. Lifecycle/journey based

These predefined journeys are sent out following a specific anchor activity at predefined times on a recurring basis. Lifecycle/journey-based campaigns allow you to target new customers differently than return customers, for instance, by setting up different customer journeys for each.

How Do You Prioritize Each Campaign?

In order of hierarchy, first, send out ad-hoc campaigns as these are the most time-sensitive. Customers won’t have another chance to get their hands on a new collection or flash sale. Some of the triggered-based campaigns (a birthday and anniversary that only happen once a year) are also priorities.

The next level of priority will be the predefined lifecycle journeys, as they are regularly scheduled campaigns that recur over time. Note that there are some exceptions for triggered-based campaigns, like a login message that might be of higher priority.

Finally, trigger-based campaigns that can be triggered a bit more frequently should be of the lowest priority when sending out campaigns to your customers.

See below for more information on how to prioritize your campaigns:

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Maddy Fein

Maddy Fein is a Data Insights Consultant at Optimove. Before joining Optimove in April 2019, she worked as an analyst at Deloitte Consulting. Maddy holds a B.S. in Statistics from The George Washington University and an M.S. from Columbia University.