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CRM Hack: Personalization – Basic Boxes to Check

Watch a quick clip discussing ways to differentiate customers and a few basic personalization approaches

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To achieve deep, meaningful relationships with your customers – and optimal business targets – personalization is the key.

It’s simple; if you don’t know your customers well enough, you can’t give them what they want or need. Same as with any relationship you have IRL.

But where do you begin? Start by creating a complete picture of who your customers are and how they differ from one another. Then, you can use different personalization approaches to communicate with your customers smartly – based on data.

That’s the essence of personalization.

Watch the video to learn more about how to get started, or read the transcript below it:

Why personalize?

We all know that customer behavior differs – each one has their personal preferences that require different treatment, different incentives/offers, and different frequencies of comms.

How do you differentiate between each customer?

It’s all in the data:

  • Demographics
  • Monetary activities
  • Game activity
  • Web/app activity
  • Engagement activity
  • Customer support

What are the different personalization approaches?

  1. Optimal Frequency – Optimize the number of communications to avoid underexposure or unsubscription.
  2. Favorite Bet Day (Gaming) – Optimize the player’s response by communicating with them on the best day or the day that they tend to place the most bets on. You can target active players on this day with content that’s relevant to their favorite product.
  3. Most Responsive Channel – To increase their chances of a response, communicate with customers on the best channel or the channel that they tend to respond positively on.

For more details, reach out to us – the Optimove Strategic Services team – as we have a lot more to give.

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