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CRM Hack: Optimize Your Emails for Gmail’s Promotions Tab

Quick and condensed email marketing workshop with tips from Optimove's CRM experts

To attract your customers’ attention, you need to bring your email messages in Gmail’s Promotions tab to life.

Gmail’s Promotions tab uses machine learning to place the most valuable emails at the top of your customers’ inbox. It also includes images, deals, and Calls to Action to make your brand’s message more recognizable and engaging.

All the information you want your customer to see is visible even before opening the email. On top of that, the Gmail Promo tab is sender customizable, so you can use personalization tags and target your customer more personally.

So, let’s go over the different features to help you highlight key information – and to make your brand’s email stand out from the rest.

Start now by watching the 3-minute video below or read the transcript below it:

Watch this webinar: Going Beyond Basic Email Marketing Best Practices >>

Visualizing Your Promotion

  • Expiration dates – to create a sense of urgency.
  • Coupon codes – shown to the customer before opening the email.
  • Single image previews – to help your message pop up by adding an image of your product.
  • Deal badges – to highlight your offering, for instance, 50% off or free shipping.
  • Custom logos – without reaching out to your IT dept, you can change your logo, for example, during the festive season.

Bring Email Messages in the Promotions Tab to Life

  • Email annotations allow you to highlight your email in the Promotions Tab, and you can add the different information mentioned above (images, logos, promo codes, etc.)
  • Email annotations are also helpful with Gmail’s Primary Tab “teasers” and other machine-based learning algorithms.

How To Add Email Annotations

There are a couple of ways to do so, which include:

  • Adding JSON-LD codes as a script tag in the heading of your email’s HTML.
  • The easier option: Use Optimove’s dedicated Customer Row (Visual Editor)

These are just a few cool new ways to make your emails look fresh.

But we have a lot more to give! For more details, reach out to us – the Optimove Strategic Services team.

Strategic Services Team:

Sales Team:

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