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CRM HACK: The Fundamentals of Marketing Testing

Some tools let you do simple A/B tests. But what if you need to measure larger, more strategic questions?

It’s quite common that a client will come to us at Optimove with any of the following questions:

  • Should I increase my customer communications?
  • If I increase my communication frequency, will I yield better results?
  • Can I reactivate more customers by leading with – or by saving my best promotion for last?
  • Etc., etc…

While many of us are familiar with simple A/B testing to optimize content or email subject lines, it’s the larger, more strategic questions that are challenging to test and measure.

That’s why today we’re going to focus on the fundamentals to do just that.

Start now with the mini-workshop or read the transcript just below it:

1. Test similar player groups

To make sure you are comparing apples to apples; it’s important you have similar customer mixes so that you can attribute the success to what has changed rather than differences in customer groups.

Just like an A/B campaign, when testing similar player groups, each group must have a similar mix.

2. Set the right and relevant KPI

Different campaign groups typically bring distinct objectives and should have relevant response KPIs accordingly. For example, a campaign sent to active customers versus churned customers should have different objectives. In one, you want to increase the value and retain them. In the other, the goal is to reactive them.

So, make sure you measure the performance of the campaign with the relevant KPI.

3. Isolate your testing variable

Focus your test on a single variable – multiple variables may prevent you from understanding what drives optimal outcomes. If you include multiple variables that are changing between the two groups, it can make it hard for you to realize what truly drove success.

Test a single variable at a time.


Separate the tests you run according to player base and objectives:

Analyze and optimize

With single objective groups and isolated variables, you can confidently attribute the performance and continue testing additional components.

Interested in hearing more about what’s driving the successful outcomes of your campaigns? Reach out to us:

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