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The 2022 Heptagon Awards: Submit Your Nomination Now

Optimove's "Heptagons" is an annual celebration of CRM excellence that is dedicated to the best campaigns, teams, and individuals who achieved exceptional results with their CRM Marketing efforts and strategies. And this year, you get to submit the nominees

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2021 is coming to a close thick and fast, and with it, we are proud to launch the second Heptagon Awards! “The Heptagons,” as we call them around here in Optimove, celebrate the most inspiring and successful CRM campaigns, teams, and marketers, putting the intersection of intelligence and creativity on a pedestal.

It was always meant to be an annual tradition since the inaugural 2021 awards (which was, admittedly, earlier this year), and so the 2022 rendition marks the second year in a row that Optimove is celebrating CRM Marketing excellence.

And, if the 2021 awards (honoring superior CRM achieved during 2020) were mostly about how brands dealt with the coronavirus’s initial breakout and ensuing waves, this time the competition is heavily impacted by the CRM brilliancy that brands achieved while coping with the slow return to normalcy. The year of the rebound, so to speak.

Submit a Nominee

Last year, we dove deep (deeeepppp) into the numbers of the +500 brands our clients operate and came back with a list of 5 nominees for each award. This year, though, besides the tweaking of one award (see list below), there’s one more difference: YOU get to submit nominees!

And this is where you do it.

Nominations for the 2022 awards are now open and will close on December 15th, 2021. So, don’t take too much time…

Of course, we’d still have to bury ourselves with data to validate nominations and eventually to choose the winners – but we think it’s a win-win to let you have the chance to participate in the nomination processes.

Here’s some more detail to help you get a better idea about the different categories and awards.

Similarly to the first Heptagons, there are again 9 awards, in 3 main categories:

Campaign Awards

All the hard work CRM teams, and everyone who supports them, put in – eventually boils down to, you know, a message. The right message, at the right time, to the right customer, and through the right channel. At the end of the day, these strings of messages, which we call campaigns, are what we have to show for.

The Campaign category is honoring the best work produced this year with the following three awards:

  • Multichannel Campaign of the Year
  • Realtime Campaign of the Year
  • Campaign of Highest Impact

Team Awards

No great CRM operation can work in a silo. And no brilliant CRM marketer can excel as a lone wolf. From the surrounding ecosystem to using the right tools to working as one – the Team Awards category is here to remind us all that there isn’t an I in “team” (even though there is in Win. But shhh…).

The Team category is honoring the best work produced this year with the following three awards:

  • CRM Team of the Year
  • Martech Ecosystem of the Year
  • Best Use of AI for Marketing Orchestration
    (previously: Smartest Orchestration Marketing Plan)

Individual Awards

Push comes to shove, when the money is on the line, time is running out, and everybody runs out of ideas, there’s one thing that makes the difference between great and incredible teams: superstars. The Individual Awards category is where we allow ourselves to single out specific people. And watch them blush on a zoom call.

The Individual category is honoring the best work produced this year with the following three awards:

  • CRM Executive of the Year
  • CRM Rising Star
  • Newcomer of the Year

To learn even more about each award, click here.

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