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The Heptagon
Awards – Past Winners

The 2021 Heptagon Awards by Optimove honored the most inspiring CRM campaigns, teams, and marketers, putting the intersection of intelligence and creativity on a pedestal.


All the hard work CRM teams, and everyone who supports them, put in – eventually boils down to, you know, a message. The right message, at the right time, to the right customer, and through the right channel. These strings of messages, which we call campaigns, are what we have to show for, at the end of the day. The Campaign Awards category is honoring the best work produced this year.

Multichannel Campaign
of the Year

Winner – Whitezip

Funstage (Admiral Romania)

GVC Roar


15 Marketing

Winner – Miniclip

Entain Western Europe

Musti Group

Paul Stuart


Winner – Fortuna Entertainment Group (CZ)

Gaming 1 (Estoril)



Sweaty Betty


No great CRM operation can work in a silo. And no brilliant CRM marketer can excel as a lone wolf. From the surrounding ecosystem, to using the right tools, to working as one – the Team Awards category is here to remind us all that there isn’t an I in team (even though there is in Win. But shhh…)

CRM Team of the Year

Winner – Funstage (Admiral UK)

Paul Stuart

Scientific Games (Pennsylvania Lottery)



Winner – Entain

Fortuna Entertainment Group


Outlook Amusements


Winner – LottoLand




Space Bar Media


Push comes to shove, when the money is on the line, time is running out, and everybody ran out of ideas, there’s one thing that makes the difference between great and incredible teams: superstars. The Individual Awards category is where we allow ourselves to single out specific people. And watch them blush on a zoom call.

CRM Executive of
the Year

Winner – Merv Huber-Calvo, Scientific Games

Alan Mansfield, Funstage

Alon Zinman, Gold Media

Elizabeth Owens, Paper Source

Emma Crepeau, Sweaty Betty


Winner – Isabelle Darby, Paper Source

Caroline Ohl, Natural Cycles

Justin Muscat, Gamesys

Sam Almasri, Kaizen Gaming

Vasileia Deligianni, Fontem Ventures

Winner – Sarah Varon, Varsity Tutors

Anh Nguyen, Musti Group

Rishi Raj, Octro

Ruby Chuku, BetKing

Savannah Dobson, Groupe Dynamite

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