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Optimove Celebrates Exceptional CRM Marketing: Here Are The 2021 Heptagon Awards Winners

Three campaign awards, 3 team awards, and 3 individual awards. See who the 9 winners are below, and start making your case for next year

You know how saying “we’re excited” is often just corporate lingo? You do know, we’re sure.

But today, we are really, truly, exceptionally extraordinarily excited – because, for the very first time ever, we announce the winners of the inaugural Heptagon Awards! (which also means we will never ever again get to announce it FOR THE FIRST TIME again. See? Exciting!)

The Heptagon Awards are celebrating CRM excellence, and we could not be happier with the timing of it all – after a year that exhibited how crucial customer relationships are and where we saw more brilliant CRM work than ever before.

The Heptagons (as we call them around here) recognize outstanding achievements of individual marketers, marketing teams, and marketing campaigns across industries. Winners were selected based on how advanced, sophisticated, ambitious, and impactful their CRM Marketing approach is. Of course, we took into account the incremental impact on revenue generated by their campaigns, and their use of smart orchestration tools, among others.

And so, with zero further ado – the winners of the nine awards are:

  • Top Marketing Campaign Awards:
    • Multichannel Campaign of the Year – Whitezip
    • Realtime Campaign of the Year – Miniclip
    • Highest Impact Campaign of the Year – Fortuna Entertainment Group
  • Top Marketing Team Awards:
    • CRM Team of the Year – Funstage (Admiral UK)
    • Martech Ecosystem of the Year – Entain
    • Smartest Orchestration Marketing Plan – Lottoland
  • Top Individual Marketer Awards
    • CRM Executive of the Year – Scientific Games – Mr. Merv Huber-Calvo
    • CRM Rising Star – Paper Source – Ms. Isabelle Darby
    • Newcomer of the Year – Varsity Tutors – Ms. Sarah Varon

Congratulations to you all. We could not be any prouder of how you keep pushing CRM to new frontiers.

You can find the full lists of nominees here. And learn more about the awards here.

And here’s a message from Pini Yakuel, CEO and Founder of Optimove: “Congratulations to all of the Heptagon Award nominees and winners. Excelling at CRM Marketing is not an easy craft, especially in this past year.”

“Seeing those who have gone above and beyond to foster true, authentic relationships with their customers is incredibly inspiring. As a company committed to enabling marketing teams to exhibit emotional intelligence in every customer interaction, the achievements recognized in the Heptagon Awards cement the value and impact of innovative, outstanding CRM Marketing.”

Good luck to you all and see you next year! It will not be the inaugural awards, sure. But we’ll sure be just as excited.

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