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The Freedom and the Guile: Marketers Must Pave Their Own Road to Personalization at Scale

While some CRM Marketing solutions promise to take you there, Optimove’s approach means that we give you all the tools and the support you need - but you still get to do it your way. Our Data Studio exemplifies it to a tee

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We all know that taking the road of personalization leads to the plains of better marketing results and that this road runs straight through the valleys of segmentation. But the personalization road is long, and you need to be well equipped to navigate it. That is why most brands don’t go out on this journey without a local, experienced tour guide.

In other words, a SaaS platform that allows them to personalize multichannel marketing at scale.

And while some tour guides will only let you take the passenger’s seat, others, like us, will let you hold the wheel while we teach you how to drive, and help with navigation. But it’s your journey, and you’re the one that needs to master the road.

It’s like the “teaching your how to fish” thing, basically.

What am I talking about? Well, I’m talking about Optimove’s Data Studio – a tool that gives you the freedom to create your own customer attributes and introduce new data sources as needed, in a friendly, no-code interface. Yes, without need for help from technical teams in your organization.

Drive your customer data like you drive your car, in realtime

The difference between crashing your car on a highway and not doing so, can sometimes be boiled down to your ability to read and react in realtime to what other drivers are doing on the road.

Personalization in marketing follows the same rule, and for that, you need realtime customer data. And that is why inside our Data Studio, you will find the ability to create realtime customer attributes on the fly without needing to write a single line of code.

Create realtime attributes such as Recent Order Value, Last Page Visited, Number of Purchased Items, and more to analyze customers based on their most up-to-date data available or increase campaign relevancy by having message personalization updated in realtime. Whichever attribute you feel is needed to support your next set of campaigns or segmentation.

Additionally, the data studio does not limit you to only realtime attributes. It gives you the total flexibility of either relying only on realtime data – or combining realtime data with data you share with us in batches.

Basically, we’re letting you drive while you rely on your historical experiences, and not only on the information you receive every second.

Mix and match customer data like if it were snacks for the road

No good road trip is complete without some snacks, and while some prefer sweet-and-sour ones, others like them salty-and-spicy. The more adventurous folks, just take them all.

So why would anyone want to limit how you combine your customer data to create powerful personalized experiences?

Good question; we don’t have the answer. We decided not to limit you at all.

Need a new customer attribute based on customers’ activity? Want to go all crazy-scientist and create mathematical formulas based on the same customer attributes you’ve created in the past? Well, you can do all that directly from our Data Studio.


“Being able to leverage our customer data in an easy manner has been a gamechanger. With Optimove we have seen the time to launch campaigns drop from over four hours to less than 10 minutes!”

Federica Calandrino, the Customer Insights Manager at Melita Ltd


Build new customer attributes based on your customers’ Activity History to leverage their previous behavior when creating powerful customer attributes.

Examples include calculated attributes such as:

  •  Maximum Online Order Amount in the past 30 days
  • Total Discounted Orders in the past 14 days
  • Minimum Casino Wager in the past 7 days
  • Average Poker Gross Revenue in the past Calendar Quarter

Want more? You got it. Since we let you use date-based attributes to calculate new ones using days until/between/since operators, the only limit is your imagination.

For example, let’s say you have attributes for the first and last purchase in the past three months. If you’d like to segment your customers based on the number of days between their first and last purchase, you can easily create that customer attribute yourself.

Or maybe you are looking for if/else or mathematical expressions to combine a few attributes together.

For example, if you’d like to know how close each customer is to reaching their self-set weekly deposit limit, you can create an attribute dividing the Current Week Deposit Amount by the Weekly Deposit Limit Amount.

Point is, instead of settling for your run-of-the-mill sweet-and-sour snack, you can create your own ones. On the go!

Anyone up for some sour-and-spicy gummy bears? It might sound yucky, but that’s the unlimited power of true personalization. To each their own.

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Rony Vexelman

Rony Vexelman is Optimove’s VP of Marketing. Rony leads Optimove’s marketing strategy across regions and industries. Previously, Rony was Optimove's Director of Product Marketing leading product releases, customer marketing efforts and analyst relations. Rony holds a BA in Business Administration and Sociology from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.