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The Optimove 2023 Holiday Shopping Survey Offers Retailers Insights To Enhance Brand Loyalty And Drive Success During The Holiday Season

Survey Reveals Strong Consumer Loyalty and Willingness to Spend More

Discover key insights from our recent 2023 Holiday Shopping Survey. It reveals that 42% of consumers prefer to shop exclusively at familiar stores or websites they have patronized before, highlighting the significant impact of loyalty on driving sales. Plus, an overwhelming majority of respondents, 93%, expressed a strong likelihood to revisit a brand or retailer following a positive experience, underscoring the pivotal role of customer satisfaction in fostering lasting relationships.  These findings emphasize the critical importance for businesses to prioritize customer loyalty and nurture enduring connections with their audience. 

Plus, as consumers continue the long-held tradition of starting their Holiday shopping early, managing campaign frequency and relevancy will be crucial to avoid marketing fatigue.  

Why it Matters: Brands will gain crucial consumer insights for winning customer loyalty during the Holiday season. 

Key takeaways include:  

  • The need to manage campaign frequency and relevance  
  • The importance of providing personalized recommendations  
  • The ability to embrace  an Omnichannel strategy  
  • And more…. 

To access the detailed insights of the 2023 Holiday Shopping Survey, download the full report  

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