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New Features to Empower Marketers Announced at Connect: Include Next-Generation Advancements to AI-powered Suite, OptiGenie, Plus More

New advancements empower marketers to elevate customer engagement and drive business growth

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Why it Matters:

Optimove clients are equipped with new, cutting-edge tools and technologies to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive business growth 

New OptiGenie advancements include the following: 

  1. Generative AI Insights: Optimove is expanding its Generative AI Insights to provide marketers with actionable insights and recommendations, enabling them to enhance customer engagement and easily drive business outcomes. 
  2. Self-Optimizing Streams: Self-Optimizing Streams build on Optimove’s existing Self-Optimizing Campaigns and Journeys, enabling marketers to deliver unprecedented, personalized experiences while aligning with business goals.   
  3. OptiLive: Elevates fan engagement to the next level, with recommendations powered by OptiGenie, enabling real-time, personalized messaging. This approach connects customers with timely and relevant messages by leveraging sports insights to share tips, odds, and boosts, driving higher conversion rates and greater fan engagement.   

Other new advancements:  

  1. WhatsApp Integration: Brands can now seamlessly connect with nearly two billion active users worldwide. WhatsApp can be used for AI-orchestrated campaigns and journeys across Optimove.  
  2. Self-Service Data Ingestion: Empowers marketers to accelerate time-to-market for personalized marketing campaigns, enhancing campaign effectiveness and driving better business outcomes. 

These new advancements underscore Optimove’s commitment to ensuring marketers create personalized customer experiences that maximize customer retention and lifetime value.    

For more detail on these advancements and more valuable insights about Optimove’s capabilities request a demo.      

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Ben Tepfer

Ben Tepfer is a storyteller with over a decade of experience in product marketing. He is passionate about driving growth through innovative product marketing strategies. As the Director of Optimove, Ben drives the shaping of the narrative and positioning of the company's cutting-edge technology. Ben specializes in developing comprehensive product marketing strategies through storytelling to showcase the unique value propositions of Optimove that resonate with target audiences across diverse industries. Beyond his day-to-day responsibilities, Ben is a thought leader in marketing technology. He frequently shares his insights at industry conferences, contributes articles to leading publications, including Entrepreneur, Adweek, Cheddar, Huffington Post, VentureBeat, and MediaPost, and engages with the marketing community.