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UK Meds on Optimove transforming its marketing efforts: “It’s been huge for us.” 

UK Meds, a leading online healthcare provider, embarked on a journey to optimize its marketing strategies with the help of Optimove. This success story explores how Optimove’s Customer-Led Marketing addressed UK Meds' pain points, enabled cost savings, and improved efficiency while maximizing their existing customer base

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Why it matters:

UK Meds turned to Optimove for efficient marketing solutions, overcoming segmentation and email design challenges. The partnership’s success highlights the impact of data-driven strategies and a robust collaboration in achieving marketing excellence.

Key takeaways:

UK Meds found success by partnering with Optimove and streamlining its marketing strategies to address segmentation, email design, and efficiency challenges.

Optimove’s platform enabled UK Meds to bring email design in-house, resulting in significant cost savings and greater control over templates.

The platform’s user-friendly features and powerful capabilities empowered UK Meds’ in-house team to manage campaigns, targeting, triggers, and reporting effectively.

Optimove’s Customer-Led Marketing allowed UK Meds to achieve hyper-focused campaigns, utilizing segmentation capabilities for personalized communications based on demographics and customer behavior.

UK Meds is an online clinic that provides convenient and affordable healthcare solutions to individuals in the United Kingdom. Their services include online medical consultations, prescription medication delivery, and over-the-counter medications. 

Before partnering with Optimove, UK Meds faced several marketing challenges. They struggled with building segmented target groups, needed more detailed customer insights for effective targeting, and faced difficulties with in-house email designs. Outsourced email designs incurred high costs and resulted in limited design control, impacting marketing efforts. 

“Optimove Enabled Us to Save Money” 

Optimove came to the rescue by addressing these pain points. UK Meds brought email design in-house, saving costs and gaining complete control over their templates. Automation and real-time triggers replaced manual tasks, resulting in significant time savings for the marketing team. 

“Optimove Meets a Lot of Our Needs” 

Hannah Broom, Head of Marketing at UK Meds, highlighted that Optimove perfectly balanced ease of use with powerful features. The platform’s support helped upskill the in-house team, allowing them to manage campaigns, detailed targeting, real-time triggers, and reporting effectively. 

“It’s been an excellent choice for us because of the platform’s power,” she said. “We’re happy with our customers’ results and the KPIs we’re delivering.” 

“Optimove Has Helped the Marketing Team Be More Efficient” 

With Optimove’s Customer-Led Marketing, UK Meds achieved hyper-focused and targeted campaigns, enhancing the relevance of their emails for customers. The segmentation capabilities empowered them to personalize communications based on demographics and customer behavior. 

“We no longer have to work with an agency to design the email campaigns, which is massive. We can make those changes ourselves, which is ideal because there are many cooks, lots of voices,” Hannah said. 

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“Optimove Has Helped Us Maximize Our Existing Customer Base” 

UK Meds leveraged Optimove’s pre-built customer groups to optimize their marketing efforts further. They utilized the best customer group as a lookalike audience on social media and targeted likely churners with enticing offers, adding significant value. 

“Optimove creates pre-built groups based on defined metrics to work out who’s a registered customer, who’s a new customer, who’s likely to churn, who your best customers. We’ve used that in several different ways,” Hannah added. 

“We Really Like the Abandoned Basket (Cart) Trigger” 

One of the standout features for UK Meds was the abandoned basket (cart) trigger. This feature significantly contributed to recovering potential lost sales by targeting customers with timely and relevant reminders. 

“Our abandoned baskets are actually increasing the number of customers we get back to us. So, they’re sent in real-time and slightly after… and we are seeing that convert customers, so we don’t have to do anything as a marketing team after that point,” she noted. 

“In terms of Data, It’s Been Massive” 

Optimove’s data-driven approach allowed UK Meds to make informed decisions about product choices and marketing strategies. Customer behavior insights and historical data were vital in shaping their campaigns. 

“We use the CRM and the data that we have available to us to make decisions like, is this new product the right one for us?” Hannah said. “Based on the customers that we do have, will that product land well with them? Are they interested in it based on their demographic data? We use it all the time, and actually, historically, we’re able to make decisions based on previous customer behavior as well. We use it probably a lot more than we thought we would.”  

“We’ve Had a Lot of Support” 

The support provided by Optimove was instrumental in helping UK Meds navigate the intricacies of the platform. Training in manageable segments and assistance with data connections and HTML pieces ensured a smooth transition. 

“We’ve had a lot of support along the way, so it hasn’t felt overwhelming. We’ve had training in bite-sized chunks and that’s meant that as a team we’ve slowly grown our knowledge and are now able to utilize the tool to its full potential.  

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“I Would Recommend Optimove” 

Hannah Broom concluded by stating that she would wholeheartedly recommend Optimove. The platform’s powerful yet user-friendly features, along with the support and expertise provided, made it the top choice for UK Meds’ marketing team. 

“Optimove is our top choice because it’s super easy to use but super powerful, and that is really hard to find,” she concluded. 

Strong partnership, excellent results 

The collaboration between UK Meds and Optimove has significantly improved marketing efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced customer targeting. UK Meds’ success story demonstrates the power of data-driven marketing strategies and the impact of choosing the right partner in achieving marketing excellence. 

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