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Summarizing Optimove Connect’s 2018 Workshops

14 experts, six professional workshops, one retention marketing conference. We combined various aspects of CRM marketing – Campaign Analysis, Content Repurposing, Email Marketing, VIP Segmentation and much more into six insightful videos. Enter to learn and enjoy

Optimove Connect 2018 is behind us and we’re already directing our efforts into the preparation for next year’s event. This two-day conference, held for the fourth straight year in Tel Aviv, drew the attention of 450 CRM enthusiasts. Among the great feedback we received rose the repeat question – when are you going to upload the videos from your workshops to your site?

Click here for the full conference recap.

The first day of this event was dedicated to our easy-to-follow DIY tips all provided by the vast expertise here at Optimove. The guests were divided into six groups, received their set of headphones, and strolled between the six stations, where Optimove’s experts from various departments – Data Science, Professional Services, Lab and R&D, Growth and Sales – gave insightful lectures about the main pain points every CRM expert and other professionals encounter. Now you can enjoy these six lectures as well.

So, with just a little ado:

Data scientists Matan Block-Temin and Jonathan Inbar presented the scientific way to compare CRM tactics:

Growth Manager Hadas Avrech and Data Insights Consultant Scott Shapiro demonstrated the importance of content re-purposing:

Director of Strategic Services Shefa Weinstein and Strategic Services Team Lead Ella Aharon educated our attendees on how to personalize email just as they personalize their website:

Chief Data Scientist Yohai Sabag and Data Science Researcher Nitay Alon showed how to measure campaign effectiveness and long-term impact:

Alternate teams composed of our two Directors of Data Science Roni Cohen and Nadav Yekutiel and Data Scientists Sivan Desser and Omri Tal discussed various methodologies to define VIPs:

And last but not least: Solutions Engineer Leigh Noy and Technical Project Manager Asaf Stein taught the crowd how to build a marketing tech-stack to fit their business objectives:

I want to thank again our esteemed guests. We’re looking forward to seeing you all next year.

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Varda Tirosh

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