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Here’s How Optimove Became an Industry’s Go-To CRM Solution

Winning three consecutive awards for Best Acquisition and Retention Partner by SBC and EGR wraps up 2021 in style for Optimove. This blog post details what we do that clients and iGaming awards events love so much

“You win some, you lose some,” Rony Vexelman, Optimove’s newly-promoted VP Marketing, wrote on LinkedIn yesterday, before adding that “Sometimes you win a lot of them.”

Now, you gotta understand – Rony is as humble and anxious as they come. So, something extraordinary had to happen for him to post something so… so, let’s call it “confident.”

I guess winning three major awards in a row – all in a span of a few weeks, basically sweeping an entire key industry’s awards season – is extraordinary enough.

We’re talking about winning EGR B2B Acquisition and Retention Partner, SBC North America Acquisition & Retention Partner, and the global SBC Acquisition & Retention Partner awards.

And we really could not have been any prouder. Because, while the awards themselves are obviously fun to receive, it’s the tens of thousands of hard-working hours by our fantastic team and brilliant clients alike that makes such achievements possible, to begin with – and that’s what originates our sense of pride.

Yes, But, Like, How?

What we think stands at the heart of these recognitions is how we empower brands to create and manage large-scale, customer-led journeys.

We leverage AI to autonomously surface valuable customer segments, orchestrate self-optimizing CRM journeys, and accurately deliver the marketing interaction of the highest impact – to the right customers, at the right time, and through the right channel.

Among other things, it results in 85% of gaming operators using Optimove to operate at least two marketing channels (with some using 13!) and send an average number of over 800 weekly campaigns (with some over 2,000). And it’s the Optimove AI journey mapping that flawlessly orchestrates customer journeys, avoiding campaign cross-fire and messaging fatigue.

It also means that brands can orchestrate hundreds of realtime, transactional, and scheduled campaigns using Optimove’s native channels Optimail, Optipush, and webpage pop-up, or using one of the dozens of different integrated channels.

And, when using third-party channels – clients can use all of Optimove’s segmentation, experimentation, orchestration, measurement, and optimization capabilities as well.

It means that to optimize the customer experience even further, brands can use Self-Optimizing Campaigns (SOC) in A/B/n campaigns and AI-Mapped CRM journeys. The SOC uses a multi-armed bandit algorithm to deliver the most appropriate treatment to each customer autonomously.

Optimove AI-Mapped CRM Journeys then evaluates all the possible campaigns a customer may be eligible for and delivers the one that will generate the highest Customer Lifetime Value.

These are tasks no human can perform. For example, Funstage recently tested the Optimove AI-Mapped CRM journeys against marketer-defined priorities, with the AI treatment resulting in a player lifetime value increase 17% higher than its counterpart.

The test, which ran for two months, also showed a 27% uplift in “migration rate” from churned to reactivated player lifecycles in favor of Optimove’s AI treatment, with the result being statistically credible.

And, eventually, our platform’s capabilities to make it simple to measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies against any business KPI make Optimove an impact-measurement tool, too.

The Year That Was

In the past year, Optimove continued its ongoing success as the leading acquisition and retention partner for the gaming industry, with operators increasing their revenue by 2.6X more than the average operator.

The company has also added over 40 new operators in the past year, such as SKS365, SuperSports, GGPoker, Penn National, and Kentucky Lottery.

Specifically, Optimove is now used by 50% of the top 20 EGR US Power Rankings and over 30% of the EGR Global Power 50.

Additionally, Optimove helped operators devise and execute COVID-specific marketing strategies through our professional services. For example, it helped Fortuna Entertainment Group improve their sports-to-casino cross-sell campaigns leading to more than a 2X increase in sports bettors’ response rate to casino campaigns.

While the average gaming operator’s revenue growth is 9%, those using Optimove grow by a whopping average of 23.5%. And the top 20% of marketing activities orchestrated with Optimove yield an average increase of 33% in player lifetime value.

All that helps explain why we were also named “Leaders” by Forrester this year and received a “95% Willingness to Recommend” by clients on Gartner.

Of course, none of this was even remotely possible without the dedicated and sophoisticated work done by everyone here, and on our clients’ and partners’ sides. What a way to close the year, and here’s the healthy growth for all in 2022.

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Pini Yakuel

Pini co-founded Optimove in 2012 and has led the company, as its CEO, since its inception. With two decades of experience in analytics-driven customer marketing, business consulting and sales, he is the driving force behind Optimove. His passion for innovative and empowering technologies is what keeps Optimove ahead of the curve. He holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Tel Aviv University.