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Optimove Integrates with the Best Email Performance Monitoring Solution Possible

Well baby, we went down and got it for you: Optimail, our native email personalization and delivery platform is now using eDataSource for inbox placement analytics, analysis, and escalation capabilities. Here's what it means to put two world-class technologies together

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Everyone can say they are “data-driven,” but even the ones who genuinely are can sometimes struggle to find their way through cloudy, noisy data. For anyone who deals with marketing in general and overseeing a specific channel in particular, such challenges are daily.

And often, email marketers, for example, find themselves dealing with questions regarding a sudden decrease in deliverability or click rates. Only later do they discover there was actually an ongoing trend of hitting spam traps and being displaced from the main inbox in ISP after ISP.

What we all need to really take the next step in applying our best “data-driven” intentions is a highly proactive support net that would let us know down which path we are going. Which naturally brings up the eons-old question of “Build or Buy.”

Dilemma? What Dilemma?

Most recently, we arrived at such a junction – regarding what technology lies underneath Optimail, our native email personalization and delivery platform, which hundreds of our clients use daily. The time to upgrade the performance insight infrastructure that helps power Optimail was coming. And, on this occasion, we actually had very little debate: it is clear we are going on the “Buy” option here. And, there was only one way of doing it – which is to go all-in on the best specialized-solution out there.

After all, the question at hand here was not about some issue where we can afford to make compromises. The chosen technology here will immediately affect the level of service we provide Optimail’s clients. Not only was there no room for concessions, but it was clear that we had to aim as high as possible.

That’s why we decided to go and integrate with eDataSource, which, in their own words, there are “no other players in the email monitoring space [that] offers anything like [their] combination of data-depth and breadth of ISP representation.”

Quoting directly from their marketing materials, eDataSource was “founded in 2003 as the industry’s first email intelligence company, [and] pioneered the use of live consumer inboxes to analyze email success metrics. [Their] multi-source monitoring solution now includes the most cutting-edge, AI-powered machine learning and allows us them to

track over 90% of all commercial emails sent globally.

“eDataSource’s leading-edge technology empowers marketers with the deepest, most precise, and easily accessible information to improve critical success metrics of their email marketing programs. [Their solution] provides tools and services for the world’s leading brands, agencies, and email service providers.” In 2019, the company was acquired by SparkPost (est. 1997) for an undisclosed amount, and since then was able to keep its industry-leading status.

What does it mean for our clients?

It means a significant, immediate improvement in the email KPI’s we can track for them. It means more robust realtime alerts capabilities. And a more in-depth analysis of deliverability situations.

For us, as the service provider here, it means easier, more well-rounded monitoring of ALL Optimail clients, including quicker and more precise escalation capabilities.

In addition, it means Optimove will have an even better understanding of our Optimail clients’ inbox placement and the analytics, analysis, and escalation capabilities needed to optimize inbox placements at a world-leading level.

Measure The Right Things

Oh, and if iOS15 and other data privacy changes are hurting your ability to track and optimize your CRM Marketing campaigns, especially email marketing ones, you should know that Optimove/Optimail clients didn’t lose a minute’s sleep over it. Why? Because our clients and us don’t let campaigns live and die with vanity metrics such as opens and clicks. We measure CRM Marketing’s impact by economic uplift – the one proper way to determine the effectiveness of your efforts and your CRM Marketing’s contribution to the business’s bottom-line revenue.

We dug deeper into this on a blog post called “When One Door Closes, Another Opens: The Challenge and Opportunity in Apple’s Email Privacy Updates for iOS 15”, where we show why these changes present the industry with a chance to move closer towards truly meaningful measurements. Read it to see how this strategy can work for you, too.

Overall, this new integration step is yet another milestone in Optimove’s journey and commitment to our clients and providing business-impacting CRM Marketing solutions across multiple channels.

If you are not a client of Optimove and wish to upgrade all your Retention

Marketing capabilities, including email, and see how brands that partner with us can see a 33% increase in Customer Lifetime Value, click here. Contact your Customer Success representative if you are a client and want to check out Optimail.

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Tomer Aronheim

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