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Optimove Recognized as a Leader in Cross-Channel Campaign Management by Forrester

On its way to the highest recognition the independent research firm gives, Optimove received highest possible scores in 12 criteria including Testing & Optimization, Product Vision, Market Approach, and Supporting Product & Services

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We are deeply proud to announce that Optimove has been recognized as a Leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (Independent Platforms), Q3 2021” (CCCM). This is our second straight appearance in this report, after being named a “Strong Performer” back in Q4 2019.

Yes, the previous report was published in a pre-Coronavirus world, and yes, a lot has changed since. Including significant upheavals in the online business industry, where, over the past 18 months and as digital commerce of all kinds spiked to all-time highs, brands globally had to make a significant leap in the digital experiences they offer customers – to meet the ever-increasing expectations.

At the Edge of a Forward-Moving Industry

The need to provide a seamless, cohesive, and coherent digital customer journey – across all channels, in realtime – has got brands running for the fences looking to adopt cross-channel campaign management solutions/hubs as fast as possible.

We at Optimove were able to help and lead hundreds of brands through these challenges. And, as the industry was pushed forward, so has the recognition Optimove receives from independent research firms.

This new, highest recognition Forrester can give comes on the back of Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs – that earlier this year saw Optimove logging its 3rd consecutive year of significantly improved scores across all Critical Capability use cases the report covers.

Leader. “Especially for Online Brands”

Forrester’s Q4 2019 CCCM covered nine such vendors – the new one, where Optimove is named a Leader, evaluated 13 of the most significant independent cross-channel campaign management platform providers across 30-criteria.

Optimove’s solution received the highest possible score in 12 criteria, including Testing & Optimization, and was noted in the Forrester report as “a good all-around CCCM solution, especially for online brands.”

Optimove also received the highest possible scores in the criteria of Data Integration & Transformation, Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning, Campaign Planning, Workflow, Scheduling, & Automation, Reports & Dashboards, Marketing Performance Management, Native & Third-Party Integration, Product Vision, Market Approach, and Supporting Products & Services. Additionally, Optimove is one of only two providers with a score higher than 3.8 in both the report’s Current Offering and Strategy categories.

“Optimove has raised its game across nearly every CCCM criterion since it appeared in our 2019 edition of this evaluation,” stated the Forrester report. The report also notes, “Enterprise references from the telecommunications and online gaming sectors enthusiastically endorsed Optimove.”

The report further stated that “Optimove leverages its CDP as a foundation for personalized customer-led journeys aligned with business key performance indicators. Its [solution] enriches customer profiles with AI-based analytics, CCCM workflows, and engagement modules for email and mobile messaging. Its BI Studio adds integrated business intelligence tools, and Optibot provides AI-generated marketing user recommendations.”

“We believe Forrester’s recognition of Optimove as a Leader—in its second straight appearance in the report—is a testament to our ability to help brands scale their personalization with AI-mapped CRM journeys,” said Pini Yakuel, Optimove’s Founder and CEO. “To us, the report is further proof of the true value Optimove delivers to its clients, driving significant growth in their customers’ lifetime value. By orchestrating cross-channel campaigns while combining realtime triggers and predictive next-best-action optimization, our clients have incrementally increased CRM’s contribution to revenue by over 30%.”

Understanding The Wave Report

The following represents Optimove’s interpretation of the 2021 Wave evaluation of how CCCM providers measure up in their bid to help B2C CRM marketing professionals achieve their goals.

Current Offering

Optimove scored very high on the Current Offering axis, with some of the below being the reasons why:

Transforming from CDP to full-fledged CCCM solution

Optimove’s CDP core has always been of high value to our customers, as, through it, they gain direct access to their customer data. When paired with marketing orchestration capabilities such as AI-based self-optimizing journeys and robust mission-control dashboards, they result in the ideal CCCM solution.

It is no surprise that in a recent survey of Optimove clients, 67% of respondents stated Optimove had reduced the time it takes to complete ideation-to-execution cycles by over 25%.

Personalized customer-led journeys aligned with business KPIs

Optimove’s combination of predictive analytics, next-best-action decisioning, and AI-based recommendations for campaign optimization uniquely position it to enable brands to create personalized, customer-led journeys.

These journeys can be optimized against any business KPI, from revenue to orders, through subscriptions, redeemed loyalty points, and many more.

Optimove’s strengths in these areas have led its Measurement and Optimization capabilities to maintain its perfect score from the previous Forrester report, published in 2019.

A word on the campaign orchestration category

Forrester’s report considers campaign orchestration as the capability to send messages across individual channels such as email, mobile, print, social, and others. Sometimes these capabilities can also be called campaign execution. Although Optimove scored relatively low in this category due to limited native campaign execution channels, it had a perfect score in the Supporting Products and Services category, for its extensive partner network, enabling brands to integrate most major execution channels in the market.


Optimove scored very high on the Strategy axis, with some of the below being the reasons why:

Superior product vision and roadmap that is validated by customer references

Optimove’s investment in ground-breaking technological advancements was recognized with a perfect score in this report under the Product Vision category.

Specifically, the focus on advanced, moment-based marketing that is powered by realtime marketing capabilities and AI-based optimization capabilities, that increase message relevance for customers across channels. For example, in the future, Optimove will be able to include (or exclude) a user from a specific campaign, in realtime, based on a currently active web session.

Focusing on highly sophisticated and deeply integrated CCCM use cases for enterprise clients

Optimove’s marketer-focused solution was recognized as a leader by Forrester and clients alike, with users enthusiastically endorsing its solution. Optimove provides advanced, no-code tools for brands to easily scale and solve complex marketing problems. Additionally, Optimove’s supporting products for email, mobile push, and BI reporting empower marketers to answer their more pressing business needs directly from within the solution.

As a result, Optimove received a perfect score in both Market Approach and Supporting Products and Services.

As you prioritize growing through your existing customers and begin to evaluate solutions that can help you reach your goals (be them customer lifetime value maximization, scaling personalization, or growing through your existing customers), we believe this recognition by Forrester further validates Optimove’s ability to help you reach and breach your targets.

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