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Cross-Channel Campaign Management 

Cross-channel campaign management allows brands to orchestrate their campaigns across all channels to deliver the most relevant and personalized messaging to each customer.

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What is a Cross-Channel Campaign Management Platform?

A cross-channel campaign management platform integrates all steps of the marketing process. CCCM platforms include technology to collect, analyze, and segment customer data and technology to design, implement, and measure campaigns for all marketing channels. Cross-channel campaign management platforms use all marketing channels, allowing you, for example, to manage offers across multiple channels to deliver personalized content to customers.

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Who needs Cross-Channel Campaign Management and Why?

Today’s consumers expect a personalized experience in every marketing message they receive, making it essential to orchestrate campaigns across all channels. Cross-channel campaign management allows brands to orchestrate their marketing campaigns across many channels to provide the personalized experience customers desire.

Customers lose interest in brands whose marketing campaigns are irrelevant and not personalized. As the marketing landscape becomes more competitive, marketers need to personalize customer experience to increase customer loyalty and engagement. Cross-channel campaign management allows you to create a highly personalized experience by coordinating messages across all channels to increase customer engagement.

What are the Main Tools Offered by the CCCM?

Cross-channel campaign management platforms typically offer many tools to synchronize marketing campaigns across channels. Here are examples of tools cross-channel campaign management platforms offer:

  • Email Marketing Tools – email marketing tools help marketers create, send, measure, and engage customers through email messages.
  • Mobile Marketing Tools – create, deliver, and measure mobile push notifications to provide a seamless customer experience.
  • Website Marketing Tools – design targeted and personalized web messages for a seamless web experience.
  • Content Personalization Tools – real-time personalized content and product recommendations that dynamically change based on customer data across any touchpoint (email, mobile, apps, and web).
  • Social Media Marketing Tools – social media tools are important to create content and track what content performs the best.
  • SEO Marketing Tools – SEO tools give you data about the success of your website so you can adjust according to your customers’ preferences.
  • Marketing Automation Tools – marketing automation tools automate marketing actions so marketers do not have to execute each step and can spend more time on other tasks.
  • Lead Generation Tools – lead generation tools allow you to generate leads from multiple channels to engage and convert those leads.

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What Should you Consider When Choosing a CCCM Platform?

The top cross-channel campaign management platforms offer flexibility, advanced technology, and the ability to be functional for several CCCM uses. Here are some things you should consider when deciding between CCCM platforms:

Customer Behavior Capabilities

Data about customers’ behavior is crucial to effective cross-channel campaign management. A CCCM platform should have the capability to hold and analyze customer data to implement cross-channel campaigns. Understanding customer behavior is necessary to effectively use CCCM to create a unique experience for each customer. CCCM platforms should be able to access customer data platforms natively within the platform or through third-party integration. When deciding between CCCM platforms, you should consider the platform’s data and analytics components to ensure it has the technology to understand customer behavior to implement personalized campaigns.

Cross-Channel Capabilities

A CCCM platform needs to have the ability to create cross-channel campaigns. When choosing a CCCM platform, you should consider the channels you need to best reach and engage your customers. Some channels a platform should include are mobile messaging, push notifications, mobile apps, web messages, digital advertising, and more. It is important to understand the native and integrated channels available on a CCCM platform to determine if the platform suits your brand and your customers.

Personalize the Customer Experience

Customers want to receive individualized and relevant content in marketing campaigns. Therefore, cross-channel campaigns must be synchronized and highly personalized at all levels. A CCCM platform should be able to effectively reach customers through multiple channels, such that the user experience is personalized and seamless. Consider how a CCCM platform can provide unique and individualized cross-channel campaigns when choosing a CCCM platform.

Optimove’s Cross-Channel Campaign Management Platform

Optimove allows you to manage and build customer journeys so that each customer receives the most relevant messages. With Optimove, marketers can orchestrate campaigns across all channels for various customer segments. Optimove’s platform supports many marketing channels, including email, SMS, mobile push messaging, website banner ads, and more.

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