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Smart CRM Basics: What You Should Know About Marketing Action Optimization

The methodology of delivering the next-best-action and experience to each customer

Marketing action optimization involves two different levels: optimizing the marketing journey or experience and optimizing the content of every marketing campaign for each of your customers.

So, if you have a customer eligible to receive five different campaigns – marketing action optimization will help you identify which campaign is best to send to each customer. And of course, which will be the most profitable to your business.

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Optimizing the Marketing Customer Journey

Once you identify the next-best-action or experience the customer should receive – you can begin optimizing campaign content. That means which message, with what offer, will resonate best among each of your customers.

Why It’s Important

  • Creating customer-led journeys eliminates the guesswork out of anticipating every engagement a customer will have with your brand
  • It helps you avoid message-crossfire. For example, a new customer may be eligible for a welcome email and a negative experience campaign. So, it’ll help you discover the most appropriate content to send each one – maximizing and optimizing personalization

How It’s Done

  • Determining the optimal journey

Optimove will calculate the predicted average future value each campaign will deliver to each specific customer.

Meaning, which campaign will generate the highest predicted average future value – not just for the next campaign – but for the campaigns to follow – and even the entire journey.

  • Determining the content of each message

Optimove identifies the performance of different messages/offers on different micro-segments within your customer base to determine which one resonates best.

This allows you to test two different offers to encourage customers to make their next purchase – like whether they wish to receive free shipping or 15% off. Instead of identifying which offer performs better on the entire segment, Optimove will identify which offer to send to each customer.

If you want to learn more about maximizing your personalization efforts through marketing action optimization, feel free to Reach Out at any time or visit the Optimove Learning Center.

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Gabriella Laster

Gabriella Laster is Product Marketing Manager at Optimove, responsible for prospect marketing and product messaging. Gabriella holds a B.A. in International Relations and English Literature and an Executive MBA from Hebrew University.