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Smart CRM Basics: The Single Customer View

Join us for another mini-workshop about the not-to-be-missed building blocks of a smart relationship marketing operation

It is essential for every business to build effective personalization to maximize LTV and retain existing customers. At the same time, customers do not want to be bombarded with a bunch of different offers from your brand that don’t make sense.

That’s why all the information you have about customers and the offers they have received should all be kept in once place.

Guess what that place is called? Yes, it’s the single customer view!

Today, we’re going to explore the single customer view to see how you can use it to push your marketing efforts in the right direction.

Watch the 2-minute video or read the transcript just below it to begin:


What is a single customer view?

A self-contained, unified, and continuously up-to-date database with all the information the organization has for all of its customers. This information can come from all the different databases that an organization has, and it’ll all be aggregated into a single table – as shown below:

Daily Single Customer Snapshot

The simplest form of the single customer view is the snapshot, as it takes all the information from all the different databases that your organization has on a customer and puts it all into one place.

Daily Single Customer Timeline

The more effective form of the daily single customer snapshot is using a timeline that tracks customer behavior over time. 

How does it work? By taking a snapshot of every single day and saving that data, you can track customer behavior over the customer’s lifetime.

Challenges VS Advantages


Both of the challenges below will prevent users from being accurately grouped into a single table and need to be worked on in order to make sure the single customer view can be created:

  1. Different systems use different, non-shared identifiers
  2. Data quality errors hinder accurate matching 


It is clear that the pros of the single customer view outweigh the cons:

  1. Gain better customer insight and track more accurate metrics
  2. Understand customer journeys
  3. Minimize costs from ineffective marketing tactics
  4. Improve customer service
  5. Improve communication 

That’s pretty much the basics of the single customer view… but we have a lot more to give! 

Reach out to learn how you can do it too.

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